Are you looking for a voice to text app? Here, we have presented 10 best voice to text apps for android that allows transcription to be made simultaneously to everything that we are going to recite by voice, so it can become a more useful tool than we thought. Without a microphone, they can track your voice and convert to text instantly. So, it would be easier for the receiver to read a text to take note or better understand the message.

How Do I Activate Voice To Text On Android?

You have to look for the microphone icon to start texting with your voice. When you click on the microphone automatically, everything we say will appear written. In this way, you can write in anything, either send a message on WhatsApp, save a note or create a text document. To enable voice to text on android, Go to “Setting” and click on the “Language and Keyboard.” Now, open the preferences option from Google Keyboard and Turn ON the voice input. Now, your device is ready to convert voice to text.

9 Best Voice To Text Apps For Android Reviews 2021

Do you need to dictate voice notes when you are in the car or share with friends, families and colleagues? Below, we will present 10 best voice to text apps for android that will help you convert voice to text perfectly.

Voice to Text Apps for Android

1. Speechnotes – Speech To Text

Speechnotes has fast and efficient dictating methods that can type voice simultaneously. Without any registration, anyone can use it freely. Through its f1 to f10 codes, you can empower your creativity.

It is a versatile app that can be used for standard texts, email, greetings and other typing tasks. It has 10 customizable cheat keys that allow you to input any text. Your phone will wake up during transcribing.

The autosave option keeps all files safe and makes a backup in the drive. It can capitalize, fix spelling mistakes and put space automatically that will save your time.

  • Accurate voice recognition and transcription
  • Allows to edit notes
  • Works offline
  • Auto save, correction, capitalization and spelling errors.
  • Widget support
  • Available cheat keys
  • Typos cannot be deleted

2. ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes

ListNote app has hand-free voice recognition features that can dictate the voice and convert it into text instantly. It has included notes for searching anything fast. Also, all notes can be protected with a password.

You can color the notes and organize them by category. Its backup system is fantastic so that you can recover deleted files anytime. You can share the notes and full category with others.

After converting voice to text, you can edit the text from the text editor. It has a fast transcribing option and full-screen UI makes its use easier. Also, you can add quotation marks by speaking the word.

  • Voice and text note indexed
  • Hands-free voice recognition
  • Notes are protected with a password
  • Colorful and categorized notes
  • External storage backup
  • Quotation mark added
  • Dictation pauses sometimes
  • No guideline and instruction

3. Voice Notes

Voice Notes app can convert voice to text with a single tap. It has added calendars so you can set reminders and note down the time you want. You can make notes, to-do lists, etc. using the voice recognition app.

When your phone screen is turned off, it is still working and records the notes. Its autosave feature makes you worry-free for saving manually and avoiding loss.

It can convert most of the languages in the world and share the voice to text files with others. You can control voice recognition using the headphone button.

  • One tap speech to text covert
  • Prepare notes, to-do list, memo, etc. easily
  • Integrated with phone calendar
  • Headphone buttons support
  • Drive auto backup
  • Working while phone screen turned off
  • Multilingual support
  • Sentence cut off on quick speaking
  • Make wrong words

4. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Gboard has an intelligent voice typing system that can dictate text quickly. It has gesture control that allows you to move the cursor sliding the fingers. You can customize the theme and interface as you want.

It provides quick hints that allow access to all symbols by holding the screen for a few seconds. Over hundreds of languages can be used through the app. You can find emoji and share notes, GIFs, etc. with others.

You can use cursive and printer letters in the app. Its auto-correction option fix spelling errors, capitalizations and word forms. It allows you to add the personal image as the keyboard background.

  • Swipe on the screen to delete words
  • Quick and accurate dictation
  • Search emoji faster
  • Gesture support for cursor
  • Colorful themes
  • Sync with Gmail account
  • Customization restriction
  • Symbols come slowly

5. Voice Notebook – Continuous Speech To Text

Voice Notebook can convert voice to text and save it in the note so you can share or send to the drive or cloud storage. You can customize the notes, replace words and punctuation. Its voice recognition method is very fast and provides accurate output.

It has auto letter capitalization and spelling fix options that save time. You can use the app offline and it provides better performance and accurate results. Also, its TTS engine reads the note loudly, so you recheck it easily.

You can calculate word counts and total characters that are convenient for all users. It allows you to use a widget to start the app quickly.

  • Random speech recognition
  • Auto capitalization, fix spelling errors and undo last input
  • Character and word counter
  • Works without internet
  • TTS engine enabled
  • On-screen mode
  • Font size customizable
  • Share files using BlueTooth
  • Words missing in sentence

6. Speech To Text Notepad

Speech To Text Notepad app is an intelligent app that can convert speech to text quickly and show results in notepad. You can edit the notes and add lines, delete words and more by speaking.

Its speech recognition works when screen time out and can detect more than 70 languages. You can use voice command with 6 languages and share the notes with friends through social media.

You can adjust the speed and pitch according to your requirements. Also, you can change the font size to read text easily. It provides unlimited and free use with folders and sub-folder with records.

  • Non-stop speech to text convert
  • Organize voice notes with folders
  • Multilingual voice command support
  • Font size setting
  • Adjustable speed and pitch
  • Widget to open app instantly
  • Pause in the middle of sentence
  • No copy and paste option

7. Speech To Text

Speech To Text app has a built-in speech recognizer that allows you to convert speech to text easily. Its sliding tab allows you to use the app easily with various functions. The output results can be shared with friends and others easily.

You can copy the text and paste it on other apps. It allows you to edit the sentence and correct all errors. The TTS engine can speak the text loudly so you can listen to all notes.

It can dictate text instantly and customize font size to read the text clearly. When you exit the app, it saves the file automatically. Also, it works without the internet so you can use it anywhere.

  • Built-in TTS engine to listen to voice notes
  • Smart voice recognizer
  • Copy and paste option available
  • Sliding tab design
  • Customizable fonts
  • UI settings
  • Auto save notes
  • Works offline
  • Customizable themes
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Words missing in the long text

8. Voice Notes – Quick Recording Of Ideas

Voice notes have the fastest voice recognition system that allows you to create notes and edit to fix errors easily. It reminds the important ideas and alerts through notification. After conversion, you can listen to audio records personally for better inspection.

You can create categories and save records and notes so they will find out easily when you need it. The colorful schemes make the interface attractive and you can adjust the color balance.

It allows you to share notes and records with others by exporting the files in a machine-readable format. You can create voice and text notes anywhere with the app.

  • Create note quickly
  • Fast voice recognition
  • Transcribed text can be edited
  • Reminders with an audio alert
  • Export and import notes in a readable format
  • Customizable themes
  • Word mistakes on quick speaking
  • Miss words and sentences on long time recording

9. Voice To Text

Voice to text app can make voice into text and allows you to share with others for sending messages. Its smart speech recognizer provides an accurate result. For long text, it can write as you speak so your time will be saved.

It can access your phone’s Bluetooth so you can send a text through Bluetooth. You can write text in Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps without any limitations. It can translate lots of languages, but you have to set it and speak clearly.

You can edit the output text and fix errors. Without typing anything, you can shortly send messages through all social media and other apps.

  • Suitable for long emails and texts
  • Translate sentences into several languages
  • Smart speech recognition
  • Support Bluetooth
  • Works in social media apps
  • Word missing in the sentence

Final Verdict

Voice commands are enriched day after day with new potential, establishing itself as a sophisticated app to allow you to manage different functions in multitasking. You can send a text using voice from your android phone and these free voice to text apps for android will make it easier.

While you are busy working or driving, the apps can listen to your voice and convert it to text and save it automatically in a note. You can share or send the note to others as a message and readable file. Let’s download any speech to text apps for android and take advantage of the function to make your daily job easier.