Do you love gardening and want to recognize plants quickly? It really isn’t easy. There are millions of species of plants in the world and the amount can vary depending on where you are. You would like to identify the plants around you easily. It is difficult to know by heart all the species and types of plants that exist, but not impossible. Here, we have highlighted plant identifier apps for android to identify plants, find out!

How Can I Identify A Plant From A Picture?

You can easily find out plant details from the captured picture using the plant identification app. You just have to take a photo of a plant and they will quickly tell you what plant it is. They provide plant care tips and the latest news of the gardening so you can stay up to date.


Best 10 Plant Identifier Apps For Android Reviews 2021

If you like to have plants at home or enjoy a garden, having a resource that helps you identify plants will facilitate their care and maintenance. Here, we have presented the 10 best plant identifier apps for android. Know them all!

1. PlantNet Plant Identification

PlantNet app is a support system for automatically identifying plants using images compared to the botanical image database. It does not allow the identification of ornamental plants. The app works best when the photos presented focus on an organ or a specific part of the plant.

1 PlantNet Plant Identification

PlantNet app is a support system for automatically identifying plants using images compared to the botanical image database. It does not allow the identification of ornamental plants. The app works best when the photos presented focus on an organ or a specific part of the plant.

You can easily find out the type of irrigation, origin and properties of a plan with the app. It doesn’t require a registration process, so you can easily use it. Also, you can differentiate data to get more knowledge about plats.

It has multi-flora identification to scan and search plants using your photograph sample. You can get more ideas and information from the factsheets that are linked with the app.

PlantNet Plant Features:

  1. You can easily identify plants, families, genus, spices and more using photographs.
  2. The multi-flora identification option quickly searches the captured plant in the flora section.
  3. It shows differentiated data to ensure confirmation about the plant details to the experts.
  • Multi-flora identification method
  • Recognize plant’s genus, family and spices
  • Shows differentiated data
  • Re-identify plants
  • Quick access to flora
  • Inaccessible service alert

2. PictureThis – Flower & Plant Identification

PictureThis app allows you to identify plants accurately instantly and with rich content. When you find a plant, the app offers its description, beautiful photos and tips for plant care.

2 PictureThis

It helps you identify several plant species, including flowers, trees, succulents, cacti, and higher accuracy. It has an artificial intelligence engine that constantly learns and improves with the help of experts and specialists.

Take a photo of the plant and it will show you the details instantly. Furthermore, you can record all the plants you have identified and share them with your friends.

PictureThis Features:

  1. It provides instant identification of plants from captured photos with high accuracy.
  2. You can ask plant-related questions to the gardening experts all time.
  3. Its UI is simple and guide us to care plant properly.
  • Instant and accurate plant identification
  • Plant tracking
  • Detailed guides on gardening
  • Experts support
  • Advanced AI to detect plant
  • Limited identification

3. Seek by iNaturalist

With iNaturalist app, you can identify through a photo of any type of plant species from any corner of the world. In addition, the application will provide you with very detailed information about the species in question.

3 Seek by iNaturalist

You can use it as a research book on field trips since it allows us to easily record the species sighted and their location and other details. It allows you to participate in challenges and provide badges for observing plants.

All photos are observed by the image recognition technology of the app so you will get accurate data. It provides suggestions and tips based on your location and area plants.

Seek by iNaturalist Features:

  1. It can identify plants and animals through image recognition technology.
  2. You can learn and explore more about plants from the experts and naturalists.
  3. It offers challenges and provides badges to the finishers.
  • Image recognition technology
  • Challenges to observe species
  • Explore nearby naturalists
  • Earn badges for observing plants
  • Learn more organism near you
  • Take time to snap photo

4. PlantFinder – Plant Identification

PlantFinder app can identify any plants using the captured photo. It guides plant care, maintenance and more quickly. You can make a library with your snapped plants in the My Plants section.

4 PlantFinder - Plant Identification

You can find plants by search and leaf identification. It allows you to set a reminder to take care of your plants without any delay. Also, it shows the trending plants for your house and garden.

It allows quick access to the favorite plants to see information instantly. You can get quick identification of the plants with the app.

PlantFinder Features:

  1. It allows you to find any plant details quickly by snapping photos.
  2. You can add favorite and captured plants in my plant’s section.
  3. It provides a guide to take care of each plant and show the time.
  • Quick plant finder
  • Plant care reminder and guide
  • Weekly trending plants update
  • Favorite lists
  • Too many ads

5. iNaturalist

iNaturalist app allows you to discover plant details from snapped pictures quickly. You can share your observations with the community and get suggestions from experts. It presents crowdsource detection of plants so you will get accurate information.

5 iNaturalist

You can search by plant name and get the plant’s details. It allows everyone to comment in the observation section. You can see plant origin and available places in the exploring map.

It auto recognize the plant’s spices and all information from its large database. You can learn more about nature from the lots of naturalists around the world.

iNaturalist Features:

  1. You can quickly search and find out any plant species, genus and other information with map view.
  2. It allows you to keep observations and comment with others by sharing in the community.
  3. You can get suggestions and tips from world-famous naturalists and scientists.
  • Instant plant detection with photo and search bar
  • Plant exploring map
  • Keep your observations and share in community
  • More than thousands experts suggestions
  • Auto plant recognition
  • Cannot Sync all time
  • Freeze app

6. Flowerchecker+, Plant Identify

FlowerChecker+ is a trusted and realistic plant identifier app that is operated by the expert’s team. You can identify most of the flowers using captured photos. Also, you can check other plant details with the app.

6 FlowerChecker

It takes up to 24 hours to find a plant because it doesn’t use a computer-based finder. In the request list, you can see all completed and pending records easily. You can get support from specialists about flowers and plants.

You can save the favorite flowers and plants in the app’s My Heartburn section to future usage. As a result, it provides the genus name, common name and certainty with Wikipedia link to get more information.

FlowerChecker Features:

  1. It identifies plants and flowers using a photograph and all data are provided from the plant experts.
  2. You can request for all types of known and unknown flowers on the app.
  3. It provides common name, genus and certainty level with Wikipedia link.
  • Plant information provided by experts
  • All types of flower can be identified
  • User support and chat with specialists
  • Save favorites in My Heartburn option
  • Flower details with the wiki source link
  • Take up to 24 hrs to identify a plant

7. Flora Incognita – Automated Plant Identification

The Flora Incognita app favors the accurate, easy and fast recognition of all types of plants. The process is easy, you just have to take a photo of the plant and its leaf and it will be detected in seconds.

7 Flora Incognita

Once the plant is detected, complementary information will be provided on its characteristics, propagation, and protection status. You can also create observation lists and share all the plants you have discovered.

You can easily search the plant species using the filter function. It shows the plant’s appearance, toxicity levels and status of protection with the proper distribution.

Flora Incognita Features:

  1. It provides plant identification with all information like toxicity level, appearance and more.
  2. You can easily create observation lists of the favorite plants and export the records to share with others.
  3. It allows you to find a plant quickly with a search and filter option.
  • Automated identification
  • Detailed information of a plant
  • Fast finding with the filter option
  • Observations lists
  • Topic-wise news and tips
  • Ornamental and indoor plants aren’t included

8. LeafSnap – Plant Identification

LeafSnap is a fantastic app with quick performance to identify trees, plants and flowers. With just a photo of the leaf, it will reveal which plant it is in just a matter of seconds.

8 LeafSnap - Plant Identification

It provides very useful information such as its flower or fruit and the uses that can be made of it. With its tips and guidance, you can learn more about the plants. You can save the captured plants and create your plant collection on the app.

It is a highly recommended application for the little ones at home. With its very clean and simple user interface, it will be very entertaining to learn more about botany.

LeafSnap Features:

  1. You can learn about the plant and find out the plant’s details within a second.
  2. It allows you to make a plant collection with captured plants.
  3. Its improved UI provides fast performance and allows you to edit saved data.
  • Huge plants database
  • Quick plant identification
  • Personalized plant collection
  • Clean and fast UI without limitations
  • Edit saved information
  • No filter option

9. PlantSnap – Plants, Trees and Flowers Identifier

If you want to have on hand instantly and accurate information about flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and much more, PlantSnap is the app for you. It is an application to help you identify plants around the world, quickly.

9 PlantSnap - Identify Plants, Flowers, Trees & More

In the app, you have a database that contains several plants from all over the planet. Furthermore, the app is constantly learning about the world’s plants, recognizing new species per month. You can share your discoveries with your friends and spread the knowledge of plants!

Take a photo of the plant and the algorithm of the app will recognize it at the moment. It suggests the trending plants for every corner of your house. All your snapped plant details are saved in my plant’s section so you can see them in the future.

PlantSnap Features:

  1. You can identify and discover plants using snapped pictures and on a world map.
  2. It provides plants, flowers and trees care tips with detailed guidance.
  3. You can easily identify leaves, mushrooms, cactus, succulents and more.
  • Huge plant database
  • Quick plant, flower and tree identification
  • Worldwide plant map
  • Plant collection
  • Tips about plants
  • Need registration, but it is free

10. Plantix – Your Crop Doctor

Plantix app is perfect plant finder app farmers, gardeners and who work in agriculture. It aimed to identify pests and diseases in crops to reduce food loss due to these problems.

10 Plantix - your crop doctor

It shows the most approximate result, being able to consult an information sheet. You can search by entering text and filter options. Also, it can accurately find plants using the cropped photo.

It uses machine learning to improve algorithms for detecting damage to plants. The system can show where some diseases or pests are widespread and predict how far they will spread.

Plantix Features:

  1. It can identify plant details from the cropped picture with accuracy.
  2. You will get support and answer from more than hundreds of agri experts.
  3. It provides alert about the disease so you can take preventive action.
  • Identify plants from the cropped photo
  • Experts support
  • Disease and care alert
  • Fertilizer planning
  • Save crops to increase yield
  • Cannot recognize all crops

Final Thought

You may be very interested in the world of plants and want to know them all. Here we discussed the best 10 plant identifier apps for android that help us to identify the plants. The quality of them has improved remarkably. So they are an excellent way to know everything about the plants that we find. You just have to take a photo of the plant in question and upload it to the application to know all the details of the captured plant.