Technology is there to help us and, as it could not be otherwise, it is very present in the field of health and nutrition. Today we have at the reach of the meal planner apps for android to follow a proper diet healthy foods. If you are one from those who stay in front of the fridge with the face of “let’s see what I do today,” or you are just sick of always having the same dishes on the table, this is your list. Grab paper, pen, smartphone and put on your best apron!

How Does Meal Plan Work?

The meal plan allows you to set meals daily, weekly and monthly with healthy foods. You can customize the mealtime, add recipes and calculate meal costs easily. In the shopping list, you will get all ingredients about a recipe so you can easily purchase them with enough quantity. Overall, it helps you to keep a healthy and balanced diet.Meal-planner-apps

10 Meal Planner Apps For Android Reviews 2021

Meal planning has to be entertaining, so we have made an analysis of the 10 best free meal planning apps. Please take note of each one, try them out and decide which one suits you best.

1. Plan Meals – MealPlanner

Plan Meals – MealPlanner app allows you to make a proper plan easily. You can change a meal plan week to week to track health conditions with the foods. Also, you can prepare recipes and share them with friends.

1 Plan Meals - MealPlanner

Its UI is very simple, so you can create a meal plan with fun. You can repeat the previous plan to save time and keep going. It organized your meal plan and kept you healthy all time.

The shopping list allows you to select the required ingredients according to your meal recipe. Also, you can easily share the shopping list with others.

Plan Meals Features:

  1. You can create and manage meal plan week to week with simplicity.
  2. It provides a shopping list based on your recipe and you can share it with others.
  3. Copy and paste the previous plan to apply again and save time.
  • Create recipes and meal plans
  • Share plans on social media and others
  • Simplistic interface
  • Shopping list
  • Copy and paste previous plans
  • Save button animates

2. Meal Planner & Grocery List : Plan to Eat

Meal Planner & Grocery List app allows you to make customized meal plans according to the daily routine. You can control and schedule meals in the planner with portion adjustment, track extra in refrigerator and more.

2 Meal Planner & Grocery List

It adds the meal-related grocery list automatically and you can select ingredients and save it to share with others. You can cook a meal step by step from the app. The grocery items on the shopping list can be managed offline.

You can easily sync recipes, shopping list and planner with your phone. Also, you can import recipes from outside and save it on the app for future use.

Meal Planner Features:

  1. It provides step by step guidebook to creating a meal plan with cooking tips.
  2. You can customize the meal plan, add ingredients in the shopping list and share plans to get more ideas.
  3. Without the internet, you can organize recipes and meal plans quickly.
  • Easy to sync with the phone
  • Create customizable meal
  • Step by step cooking guide
  • Incredible planner
  • Share recipes and plans with others
  • No recipe library

3. Mealime – Meal Planner, Recipes & Grocery List

Mealime allows you to create customizable plans that you can modify according to your tastes or your lifestyle. It shows the cooking process step by step to avoid any type of complication.

3 Mealime - Meal Planner

It offers a shopping list with everything you need for the whole week so that you always buy only what is necessary. Also, it has a powerful search engine to find the recipes that interest you most.

You will get several options to personalize your profile and thus receive suggestions according to your tastes and resources. It allows you to add notes in the recipes.

Mealime Features:

  1. It provides a unique and healthy meal plan, personalizes as you needed.
  2. The cooking guide helps you to prepare a meal within a half-hour.
  3. Its grocery lists allow you to track shopping items on your phone.
  • Easy to prepare a healthy meal plan
  • Get and create recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Fast cooking tips
  • Diet planner and nutrition facts
  • One recipe per day

4. AnyList: Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Organizer

AnyList app provides auto-suggestion to prepare a meal plan quickly. You can add notes and put the items, amounts, size, etc. with proper organization. Also, you can categories them according to your need.

4 AnyList

It shows the present shopping lists to add them again today’s list. You can share the list with others to have a healthy meal plan. It allows you to add recipes and share with trusted people who really need it.

You can back up all data by creating an account and it can be used a cloud storage. It allows you to import meal plans and recipes from other platforms. Now, get the app and organize your recipes and healthy meal plan.

AnyList Features:

  1. You can create a healthy meal plan daily, weekly and monthly by organizing items.
  2. It allows you to create and import recipes with grocery lists and share them with others if needed.
  3. All data can be saved in the app cloud storage by synchronizing with the device.
  • Auto fillup shopping list
  • Categorized meal plan
  • Add and organize recipes
  • Backup data in the cloud
  • Share lists and recipes
  • Need sign up an account

5. Fitness Meal Planner

Fitness Meal Planner app provides a meal plan according to your fitness level and goal setting. You can set 3 to 8 meals per day with proper diet and restricted foods. Its detailed plan ensures a good result you want but after completing it.

5 Fitness Meal Planner

It shows the number of foods to use in recipes and meal plans to stay healthy. You can add your favorite dishes and recipes to the app. Its growing selection provides healthy meals with recipes.

You will get the weekly shopping list at your fingertips so you can easily purchase them. Also, you can add more items to the list if you need it. The meals can be calculated to fulfill your goals.

Fitness Meal Features:

  1. You can prepare a basic meal plan to achieve a fitness goal with proper diet and food.
  2. It allows you to add mealtimes, check the amount and cooking process with recipes.
  3. The shopping list helps to arrange grocery items and calculate the meal value for healthy eating.
  • Customizable meal plan
  • Healthy diet with proper foods
  • Mealtime reminder
  • Meal plan calculation
  • Enriched grocery list
  • App screen freezes

6. Meal Planner – Shopping List

Meal Planner app has an advanced pantry list that provides all items with details in the shopping cart. You can easily prepare weekly meal plans and organize them. The pantry lists and meal plans can be shared with others.

6 Meal Planner – Shopping List

It presents the total cost spend behind the meal plan so you can save money next time if you expensed more. You can add new items and categories on the plan with quantity and types.

You will be organized in your everyday meal with the app. Its interface very minimal so that anyone can use it for an everyday meal plan with expense records.

Meal Planner Features:

  1. It allows you to create a healthy meal plan and manage the meals weekly.
  2. You can maintain food items, quantity and expenses in the shopping list.
  3. The meal plans, pantry lists and recipes can be shared in social media.
  • Organized weekly meal planner
  • Pantry lists with expense details
  • Category based items
  • Export grocery list in PDF format
  • Notification reminder
  • No recipes

7. Eat This Much – Meal Planner

With the Eat This Much app, you can generate your desired meat plan within seconds. You can set meals to lose weight and muscle building in your own way. Everyone can set their favorite and healthy plan on the app.

7 Eat This Much - Meal Planner

You can assign the favorite items in the plan list and follow your own style. It allows you to avoid foods that can hurt you. Set the time of meals to get the notification in eating time.

It allows you to add recipes and personalize with your own taste. It also presents the nutrition details about the listed foods and recipes so you can achieve the targeted result.

Eat This Much Features:

  1. It generates a healthy meal plan according to your targets within a few seconds.
  2. The automated grocery lists help to organize and prepare meals quickly.
  3. It shows the nutrition level of each meal so you can track your diet.
  • Auto-generate meal plans
  • Detailed nutrition
  • Food filter
  • Personalize recipe
  • Grocery items suggestion
  • No restricted food settings

8. Free Meal Plan Generator & Shopping List

Free Meal Planner app advised essential tips for cooking healthy food. You can set meal plans according to your goals. Its H2O goal allows you to stay hydrated with drinking notification.

8 Free Meal Planner for Weight Loss

You can personalize recipes with professional preferences to make it fit you. It counts your steps and calories, including daily reports and the calorie burnt process. Also, it presents new recipes in the daily activities section.

The mealtime sends alerts to take meals and keep good health. It offers lots of flexibility according to your lifestyle. Also, you can track your health progress with the meal plans.

Free Meal Plan Features:

  1. You can prepare meal plans with personalized recipes and cooking tips.
  2. The drinking watch god alert you to take sufficient water with everyday goals.
  3. Steps and calories counter helps to keep track of your health progress.
  • Balanced meal plan
  • Drinking watchdog
  • Calories and steps counter
  • Mealtime alert
  • Daily plan with cooking progress
  • Calories restriction

9. SideChef: Recipes, Meal Plans, Grocery Lists

SideChef app has a catalog of more than thousands of recipes that is quite impressive. You can easily search and follow a recipe through voice step by step. The illustrated pictures help to avoid dirty food.

9 SideChef

The personalized recipes suggestions allow you to find a recipe within a minute. Also, its ingredient filter helps to search recipes more quickly. It provides step by step recipes so that beginners can prepare the meal with proper ingredients.

You can control all of your kitchen appliances remotely from the app. It presents the shop near away to purchase the meal’s ingredients.

SideChef Features:

  1. It provides better meal planning and delivery suggestion from nearby shops.
  2. You can control oven, auto-stove, toaster and more with the app.
  3. The cooking tips and latest recipes inspire more to stay healthy all time.
  • Meal planner with appealing recipes
  • Remote control kitchen appliances
  • Grocery lists and stores suggestion
  • Timer to avoid overcook
  • One minute search
  • App become freeze

10. Lifesum: Food Diary, Meal Planner & Diet Tracke

Lifesum app offers a personalized roadmap for learning to eat healthier with tips for practicing physical exercises and motivating yourself to achieve your goals. You can improve health and habits to achieve a healthier life.

10 Lifesum

It allows you to track calories so you can easily set your diet plan. You can set healthy recipes and add more favorite ingredients. Get the latest health tricks and complete weight loss mission with the meal plans.

The motivational quotes appear from time to time that can help you achieve these healthy habits and keep them constant. It also allows you to get feedback and support that you need.

Lifesum Features:

  1. It provides healthy meal plans and nutrition tips to reach your desired target.
  2. The tracker and calculator can counts calories, macros and plans progress quickly.
  3. You can set a diet plan and follow it with the fantastic food planner.
  • Meal and recipe planner
  • Track calories, nutrition and macros
  • Weight loss tips
  • Food diary
  • Different levels of diet plan
  • No edit option and difficult to navigate


With the busy lives, we usually have, cooking and organizing weekly menus is sometimes difficult. These healthy meal planning apps keep you fit without any difficulties. You can organize a meal simply and enjoy it in a disciplined way. With these apps, you can control all the ingredients you have in the kitchen.

All your daily, weekly and monthly plans can be shared with others saved to be used again. You will organize menus without wasting food. The shopping or pantry lists made by the apps contain all ingredients based on recipes and meals with complete nutritional information. Enjoy the Meal planner apps for android and becomes stress-free.