Putting everything learned in Spanish classes into practice is sometimes difficult, lack of time, people to practice with, etc. They make further improvement seem completely out of your reach, but it doesn’t. Our smartphone is a source of learning that we sometimes do not take advantage of and from which you can download the best applications to master the Spanish language.

Knowing the correct tools that can help you learn the language is essential if you are studying Spanish. Today, we recommend the 10 best learning Spanish apps for android. In these mobile apps, you will find an ally to expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and practice grammar easily.

How Can I Learn Spanish Apps For Free?

With smartphone apps, you can learn Spanish anywhere without going to an institute. They provide bite-sized lessons so you can learn Spanish without feeling bored. These apps: Busuu, Duolingo, Memrise, Drops, Mondly, SpeakTribe, MosaLingua, Rosetta Stone, Tandem and Spanish Conversation, provide free Spanish language training.

Learning spanish apps for android

Learning Spanish Apps For Android Reviews 2021

Below, we have presented 10 best Spanish learning apps for android that helps to learn the language within a short time through the smartphone. Let’s see them.

1. Busuu: Language Learning – Spanish & French

In Busuu, the Spanish language course is divided into several lessons where you can learn and develop key concepts of grammar, practice with auditions, exercises, etc. You can help other people who are learning the language you speak and in return, you can get corrections from native speakers.

It sounds very simple and is something really useful because it gives you the opportunity to interact with people. It offers the official McGraw-Hill’s certification, but this option is only for premium users as well as personalized study plans.

It has a personalized study plan and fully adapted to our schedules and knowledge. Also, you can fix your mistakes by joining in community and speaking with the natives.

Why You Use this App?

  1. You can request the help of native speakers from Spain either for an evaluation or correction of exercises.
  2. It has grammar lessons, offline mode, language certificates or personalized vocabulary exercises.
  3. Its simple UI helps to learn the Spanish language by using all functions and connect with the community.

Busuu is an effective app to learn Spanish and other languages from native speakers with personalized courses.

2. Duolingo: Learn English Free

Duolingo is a free and ideal application for all ages and for those who want to learn the Spanish language in a pleasant way. The lessons are short and focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening.

With 25 levels, learning is much more fun and motivating. The method motivates the student as they pass lessons and the app rewards to continue learning every day. 

Its interface is very intuitive and reminds us of a game to learn the process quickly. It offers a large number of languages to learn. From the most traditional to others that we will surely learn for curiosity.

Why You Use this App?

  1. You can earn points when you complete lessons and you lose lives when you answer incorrectly.
  2. In each lesson, you can practice all the skills and check the correct answers instantly.
  3. The lessons are short and focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening.

Duolingo is one of the most popular Spanish language learning applications for beginners within a short time.

3. Learn Languages For Free With Memrise

Memrise app offers the possibility to practice the Spanish language with different accents of native speakers. It has 3 very simple systems to learn a language effectively and they are science, fun and community.

It has a large community of users who support the validity of this app because later, you will see that users have a fundamental role in the operation of this app.

It offers lessons to learn about the language you chose when starting the application, which is characterized by integrating multimedia elements. It also offers access to more than a thousand courses on the Spanish language from native speakers.

Why You Use this App?

  1. You will have access to colloquial speech lessons that do not appear in the dictionaries and grammar books.
  2. It allows you to put into practice and notice all the faults present in the language you have learned.
  3. You will be able to train the ear to understand the different tones of voice, fast speech and other variants of the Spanish language.

It is one of the most powerful platforms for practicing Spanish language and speaking like a native speaker.

4. Drops: Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish

Drops app offers a practical and effective way to learn and speak the Spanish language quickly. Practicing 5 minutes a day with each lesson, you can build a strong habit of learning a new language without feeling bored.

It provides illustrated lessons so you can understand all words and meaning that makes it easy to learn. With a short test, you can track progress and skills. Also, you do not require to use a phone keyboard and swipe to go ahead.

Without any grammar lessons, you can master the Spanish language and understand the practical words. Its interface is colorful and you can customize the background to learn with fun and enjoy.

Why You Use this App?

  1. The app has Castilian Spanish vocabulary that makes the learning session more enjoyable.
  2. Without using a phone keyboard, you can learn the Spanish language effectively without grammar rules.
  3. You can track your improvement through the special test and quizzes with reward points.

Drops is an illustrated and grammar-free Spanish language learner app for all users.

5. Learn languages Free – Mondly

Mondly app offers a series of innovative advantages and features, such as the voice recognition system, a clear sound to pronounce Spanish words and a selection of useful phrases to apply in real situations.

At the end of each course, you will be able to master a vocabulary of 5,000 useful words and phrases. It offers very wide learning versatility and every day. You can learn to check little by little how your level rises.

It helps to exercise Spanish language ​​with reality. That is why Mondly’s main mission is to teach a new language quickly, easily and in a fun way.

Why You Use this App?

  1. It implements a very interesting method and the use of advanced chat with voice recognition.
  2. You can begin to memorize the Spanish words, make sentences, learn phrases with improving vocabulary skills.
  3. It has crystal clear audio and voices so that you can learn the pronunciation of a conversation between natives.

At the end of these lessons, you will be able to master the Spanish language.

6. Learn Spanish With Speaktribe

SpeakTribe provides lessons on speaking and listening skills that help to learn the Spanish language for a newbie. It has language-related games and gossips that allows you to practice language yourself and master it quickly.

It presents grammar rules and tips that help to form a sentence. Its mix lessons enhance your vocabulary skills with fun. All courses and lessons are designed to learn Spanish within a short time because the duration of each lesson is concise, so you will never feel bored.

It teaches the parts of speech that will illustrate lessons so you can understand language quickly. By listening and speaking, you can record your voice and track the progress for better improvement.

Why You Use this App?

  1. The app works as a personal teacher that teaches you Spanish quickly.
  2. With the grammar rules, you can form sentences with correct sense.
  3. Its game test allows you to understand the improvement and eliminate tedious during learning.

SpeakTribe is your personal teacher that helps to master the Spanish language fluently.

7. Learn Spanish With Mosalingua

MosaLingua app is designed on the SRC method that allows you to learn the Spanish language effectively. You can learn phrases, new words and conjugations with meaning easily. All lessons and quizzes are developed by Spanish language professors.

It offers many flashcards that have included vocabulary and phrases so you can pronounce it by a native speaker. The diverse categories help to learn and speak Spanish in different situations with fluency.

The dialogs teach speaking lessons in everyday situations. It has a built-in online dictionary so you can search for any words to improve vocabulary skills. You can customize the lessons according to needs.

Why You Use this App?

  1. You can learn Spanish without an internet connection because all contents are available offline.
  2. Its sustained learning method makes difficult lessons easy so you can master the language quickly.
  3. According to the progress level, you will get bonus materials to improve your skills.

MosaLingua app is an expert Spanish language trainer that improves your skills within a short time.

8. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

osetta Stone offers really varied lessons that have the necessary complexity to take you to excellent levels of language knowledge. It is one of the few applications that integrates the essential lessons into its interface for learning the Spanish language ​​in one place.

You can create a custom learning plan if you have a busy life. It allows you to learn a language with real people and you can talk with them in Spanish to fix your weakness. The speaking skill will break the barrier around you.

It teaches important grammar with each lesson. You can download all lessons for practicing offline. Also, it takes a test after each lesson so you can track your progress and improvement.

Why You Use this App?

  1. It offers customized lessons to learn Spanish from a native speaker through live conversation.
  2. The extended learning features allows you to practice different exercises to improve language skills.
  3. It provides step by step training so you can improve skills basic to advanced level and become a fluent Spanish speaker.

Rosetta Stone app helps to break the language barrier with live training lessons.

9. Spanish Conversation

Spanish Conversation app provides several conversations to speak Spanish like a native. Its real-life examples and language teaching method emphasize listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

It can be used offline so you can practice everywhere you want. The scripts help to learn new words and make sentences with the correct sense. Using a headphone, you can listen to all conversations and fix your pronunciation issues.

Its UI and very simple so anyone can learn Spanish through the app. When you are driving, you can listen to the dialogs and save time. The lessons and dialogs are related to our day to day life so you will learn Spanish quickly.

Why You Use this App?

  1. It offers hundreds of conversational dialogs on daily based topics to learn Spanish effectively.
  2. Without internet and Wi-Fi connection, you can use the app and learn anywhere you want.
  3. Its high-quality audio provides a clear listening experience while driving or in a crowd.

Spanish Conversation is an elegant and simple app to learn the Spanish language through conversation dialogs.

10. Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages

Tandem app has a messaging system that is designed to learn and correct any possible grammatical errors that you may be making. You can also make video calls so that each of you can practice the language you are learning more naturally.

You can organize yourself according to your schedule and learn on your own terms. Not only do you improve your language skills, but you also round them up. Just by talking about each other’s interests, you will learn more about Spanish.

It allows you to fix grammatical problems when you comment on other’s profiles. You can send text messages, voice clips, share images and make video calls with your Tandem friends.

Why You Use this App?

  1. You can learn Spanish with a native speaker with amazing tips and tricks.
  2. By talking with friends and tutors, your speaking and listening skills will be improved.
  3. You can learn anytime and schedule the lesson when you are busy.

Tandem’s operation is really very simple and the interface is particularly accurate so you can learn Spanish quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about learning the Spanish language app.

Can you learn Spanish with an app?

Yes, you can easily master the Spanish language through smartphone apps online or offline. Also, you can learn more languages in an app and Duolingo, Memrise, Tandem, etc. help to learn more languages with Spanish.

Can you learn Spanish by listening to it?

Your skills will be improved through listening and you can read thoroughly as like as native after long time practice. For complete language learning, you must know speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

Can you really learn Spanish in your sleep?

You can exercise new words and make sentence in your sleep time. It will help you to improve word stock and discover new words by making a new sentence.

Final Thought

With the help of your smartphone, you can do almost everything, from shopping to booking accommodation on the other side of the world. Smartphones truly make our lives easier. When it comes to learning the Spanish language, smartphones are ready to help, too.

Simply download preferred learn spanish android app from the above list and start improving your language skills wherever and whenever you want. While many educational applications have many similarities, each one is designed to meet different study goals. Just try some of them and choose one from the best learning spanish apps for android.