Getting music without copyright can be a headache. Although there are websites that provide copyright-free music, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect tone to suit a particular ad, movie, or music video. Using beats in songs can make it unique and you can customize according to your needs and use it anywhere without copyright issues.

You can create beats using your android phone through the beat maker app. Here, we have highlighted 10 best free beat maker apps for android that provide sound packs, effects and more to make unique songs. Let’s have a look below:

How Can I Make Beats On My Android Phone?

You can easily make beats on an Android phone by installing beat maker apps. Here are lots of beat making apps in google play stores that allow you to produce beats using colorful drum pads. From the apps, the Drum Pad Machine, Groovepad, DJ Studio 5, Beat Maker Pro, FL Studio Mobile, Caustic 3, Music Maker JAM, Trap Drum Pads 24 and Drum Pads 24 are the best because they can make beats with high-quality sound.

10 Free Beat Maker Apps For Android Reviews 2021

Finding a perfect beats maker app is difficult because there are lots of beats apps in the play store. Below, we have presented the best free beat maker apps for android that allows you to make beats with different styles and HD quality sound. Let’s see our best 10 picks.

best free beat maker app for android

1. Drum Pad Machine – Beat Maker & Music Maker

Drum Pad Machine app allows you to make beats, record melodies and mix the loops using the pads. It has various types of sound effects that allows you to create perfect chords with piano and guitar.

The beat maker app allows you to make music, compose and share the music with others. Its drum pad helps to improve beat creating skills and make your music more enjoyable.

You can practice with music samples and try the loops with the sequencer to get better music experience. With the beatbox recorder, you can adjust the tempo and sound levels easily.

Drum Pad Features:

  1. You can make beats, music and compose using the styles and beat from the app.
  2. It allows to record the sounds and share them with friends on social media.
  3. The colorful Launchpad provides a better beat and music-making experience.

Drum Pad Machine is a fantastic beat maker app that allows to record and share sounds.

2. Drum Pads 24 – Music Maker

Drum Pads 24 offers colorful pads that allow you to make beats and enjoy music anytime. You can create sounds to use as a DJ mixer or other purposes. It ensures high-quality sounds that can be used in hip-hop or rap songs.

From the huge sound library, you can make your customized beats with mixtapes. You can record videos and share the masterpiece with friends. The step sequencer makes the beat and allows you to use it as a metronome.

With the video tutorials, you can master the beat making skill. You can practice with your favorite songs and learn with perfect rhythm. The pads are designed in two scenes so you can easily tap on the pad to make beats.

Drum Features:

  1. It has high-quality sound packs that allow to make a beat with pitch sound effect.
  2. You can create sounds, play loops and mixtapes with the beat mixer.
  3. Through the community, you can share your prepared beats and improve quickly if needed.

Drum Pads 24 allows to master your beat skills with EDM genres.

3. Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

Groovepad can make beats and music with a high-quality, smooth sound that is perfect for the DJ program. It allows you to create songs and play tracks with a perfect guide. The library provides unique sounds so you can pick your favorite one.

Its live loops allow you to make music with matching perfect sound. You can share your creation with a friend circle through social media. With its popular genres collection, your beats and music will be professional.

After every 7 days, you will get new sounds to make new beats. You can add effects in the music to get a better listening experience.

Groovepad Features:

  1. It has a sound library that is updated every week so you can make several types of beats.
  2. The live loops and fx effects allows to make music creatively with perfection.
  3. You can record the beat sounds and share them through social platforms.

Groovepad provides smooth sound and high-quality beats with precision.

4. Dj Studio 5 – Free Music Mixer

DJ Studio 5 allows you to make unlimited beats without any registration and limitation. You can remix a song from scratch and give a new tone. It has several skins to personalize the decks.

It has three band equalizers that can be used in each deck. With the sample pads, you can make the beats with perfection. You can edit the sound and re-order according to needs.

You can adjust the app according to your screen size. In random playlist mode, you can mix everything automatically and record them to share with others.

DJ Studio Features:

  1. It allows to make beats with sound effects using equalizers.
  2. You can record the sounds and mix effects automatically.
  3. You can re-organize the playlist and edit the previous record easily.

DJ Studio 5 app is a turntable app for making a beat with mixing, scratching and looping music.

5. Hip Hop Pads

Hip Hop Pads has colorful pads that allow you to make hip-hop and rap beats with high-quality sound. It provides 90 realistic sounds that can be recorded with quality beats. For rap music, you will get 6 kits like drum pads.

It allows you to record and export the music in mp3 format so you can share anywhere you want. It supports multi-touch so you can play and create your own beats like a professional.

You can record your voice by mixing the beats. It has several lessons that help to create sounds easily.

Hip Hop Features:

  1. It has several realistic sounds and kit samples to create beats with studio-quality sound.
  2. You can mix your voice with beats and record them to mp3 format to share with others.
  3. It provides examples and lessons to learn to play and make beats accurately.

Hip Hop Pads app guide to making beats with studio sound quality through the lessons.

6. Beat Maker Pro – Music Maker Drum Pad

Beat Maker Pro allows you to make beats using tracks from EDM, trap, etc. genres to make the music enjoyable. It provides lots of tutorials that help to learn to make beats and sound quickly.

With the pads, you can make sounds and create songs with the pro studio app. Its rhythm training improves your skill to make a better sound. You will get the latest sounds after every week to give a new theme to the songs.

You can practice with your favorite songs and music styles. It is easy to use for beginners and experts, and you can save the recordings with a single tap.

Beat Maker Features:

  1. Its colorful drum pads and several tutorials help to make beat perfectly.
  2. All types of music genres can be used and make songs with secret tips.
  3. It helps to improve the rhythm skill and learn all points to be a pro beat maker.

Beat Maker Pro is an amazing app to make beats with proper guidelines.

7. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile has drum kits, loop beats and sampler that helps to make a beat with HD quality sound. It provides several sound effects to add to the music. Its synthesizers ensure audio signals so you will get high-quality beats.

It supports the MIDI controller, so you play all instruments by connecting with sliders. You can share the recordings through Wi-Fi with other devices quickly. Its screen layout provides a relaxing work environment.

With the app’s mixer, you can add solo effects, bus and adjust the volume. To enter chords and notes, you can use the piano roll editor for better performance.

FL Studio Features:

  1. It supports MIDI controller so you can add songs and save them to share with other devices.
  2. You can make beats with solo, effects, pan and adjusting volume to get better quality.
  3. The step sequencer allows to control of sound level and percuss all programs.

FL Studio Mobile offers several beats making features with HD sound quality.

8. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 app allows you to create beats and sounds with effects with synthesizers or drum machines. It has fourteen machines to create musical effects, such as synthesizers, vocoders, drum machines, etc.

It provides 20 types of effects and you can use two effects on each rack. With the EQ and limiter, you can experience live sound with HD quality. It supports all types of file formats and MIDI controller.

It allows you to record sound with permission and you can share on other devices. You can configure it using the synthesizer and vocoder.

Caustic Features:

  1. It allows to make beats using several machines to create rack and sound effects.
  2. You can record the sound and adjust the volume using EQ and sound limiter.
  3. With the mixer desk, you can customize the delay and reverb effects.

Caustic 3 app is an effective app to make beats using 14 machines.

9. Music Maker JAM – Beat Maker & Loop Mixer

Music Maker JAM app offers lots of beats, sound loops and samples to get the best music experience. You can remix any songs using the loops and adding vocals on the track. Also, you can apply the fx effects to enhance the music quality.

It has a huge loop and mix pack library so you can choose your favorite one to create beats. The 8-channel mixer allows you to mix down a sound as a producer. You can save the recordings in a versatile format.

You can add your favorite track and mix it with effects, tempo and harmonies to make it unique. Share your creativity with friends by remixing popular songs.

Music Maker Features:

  1. It has hundreds of sound packs to make beats with style and remix the popular songs.
  2. You can compose a song by adding the sample from the genre library and save it to share with others.
  3. It allows random remix for all songs so you can use it unlimited time for free.

Music Maker JAM ensures better music experience with huge sound effects library.

10. Trap Drum Pads 24 – Make Beats & Music

Trap Drum Pads 24 app has an extensive sound library that helps to make beats with a different style. It offers high-quality sound so you can easily enjoy every song clearly.

It teaches the process of playing the video for every soundboard. The drum pads allow you to make beats without using a MIDI controller. Its multi-touch option helps to enjoy finger drumming.

You can create trap music with the app easily and make your own album of songs. During using the app, you can adjust the sound level and tempo according to your needs.

Trap Drum Features:

  1. It has a trap drum pad that allows to create beats and sound like popular trap music.
  2. With the sound library, you can add them to all types of tracks to get a better experience.
  3. You can save the records and make your own album, so be a part of music easily.

The Trap Drum Pads 24 allows to make trap beats and songs using an extensive library.

Here is a Video Presentation to Help You in Choosing the Right Beat Making App

Bottom Line

If you are stepping first in the world of music and you have the potential to create incredible songs, the best free beat making apps for android will take your music to the next level.

From starting, you can make professional beats using these apps and following the lessons they provide. They provide lots of sound effects and materials to make your song unique and enjoyable. There are no limitations and restrictions with these apps, so enjoy making beats and improve your song quality.