Children must be protected from certain content or different applications not recommended for their age. Their online activity is one of the great concerns of many parents because it is difficult to control in most cases. Due to all of the above, it is essential to know and install child tracking apps. These 10 child tracking apps for android allow parents to monitor children’s use of the Internet. Also, it allows them to select what content their little ones see and how they see it. Let’s try one of them and track your kid’s phone.

How Can I Track My Child?

If you are concerned about your children’s activities on the smartphone, you can install the best free child tracking app. Open the app and find your kid’s location and activities from your smartphone. You can install Find My Kids, Parental Control, Find My Kids, Cell Tracker Kids, FamiSafe, ToDo 360, SecureTeen and Step By Step apps to track your kid’s activity on the phone.

10 Child Tracking Apps For Android Reviews 2021

We have prepared a list of 10 child tracking apps for android for those parents who are looking for a way to handle and control their child’s screen time, apps and more.


1. Find My Kids: Family phone tracker & GPS tracking

Find My Kids is an app that runs through GPS location and helps you know where your children are at all times. It offers a real-time location in addition to other functions.

1 Find My Kids

You can know at all times where their children are and what they are doing. By pairing the parent’s and the child’s mobile, the app offers the child’s geolocation and additional information about what they are doing at the moment.

It provides notifications to see if you have arrived at school or any other specified game. You can easily control the apps to your kid’s phone. Also, it allows you to chat with family and check the battery.

Find My Kids Features:

  1. It has a powerful GPS locator option that allows you to track your child’s phone.
  2. You can manage and control all apps from your child’s phone with the parental control system.
  3. It provides audible call signals even when the phone is silent.
  • Record location
  • Fastest GPS tracker
  • Chat with family
  • Control apps and security
  • Battery check and notification alert
  • Shows Inaccurate location sometimes

2. Parental Control: Screen Time & Location Tracker

Parental Control app tracks the kid’s location using the device’s GPS. You can set bedtime, restrict apps and games from your phone with a few steps. Also, you can block specific games and apps on your child’s smartphone.

2 Parental Control

You can block the installation of specific apps from the android application. It allows you to check and control your child’s phone logs and contacts. Also, you can remotely factory reset to avoid theft.

It allows you to set the usage time of the child’s phone apps. The Kiosk mode enables apps and disables others from your phone. You can customize your kid’s phone screen time instantly.

Parental Control Features:

  1. You can easily track the kid’s location and control phone status from your device.
  2. It allows you to manage calls, reset, app time limit and customize apps quickly.
  3. It sends SOS notification with location tracking in any emergency situation.
  • Block and control apps
  • Schedule apps using time
  • Instant SOS alert
  • Geofence and Speed GPS tracker
  • Anti-theft and Kiosk mode
  • No activity report

3. Google Family Link For Parents

The Google Family Link helps you keep an eye on your children by allowing you to view their app activity, manage their apps, and set limits on the time they spend on screen. It can help you to track your kid’s whereabouts as long as they carry their phones with them.

3 Google Family Link for parents

This app will send you daily, weekly and monthly activity reports so you can track your child’s activities. You can block them from installing specific apps from the Play Store.

If you do not want your children to depend on mobility, it will help you to set time limits. You can lock your child’s phone remotely when you want.

Google Family Features:

  1. You can keep your eyes on your kid’s phone from your device all time.
  2. It suggests good content for your child and you can track their activity.
  3. Manage the apps that your kids are using and set the time limit of app usage.
  • Monitor apps instantly
  • Guide good apps and games
  • Control phone screen time
  • See their location in real-time
  • Supervised permissions
  • No refresh to check activities automatically

4. Cell Tracker Kids

Cell Tracker Kids app allows you to see the calls and text messages from your phone. Its built-in GPS tracker helps to find your child’s location in real-time. You can view the contact logs, time and date in your account.

4 Cell Tracker Kids

The text tracker presents the complete records and messages with sender details. You can judge inappropriate activities and stop the app instantly from anywhere.  The option will keep safe your kids from danger.

You can see the location history of your kids and share them with others of need. It parentally monitors your kid’s activities with phone access to control effectively.

Cell Tracker Features:

  1. You can easily track your kid’s location and check their phone activities in real-time.
  2. It presents the call, messages and location logs on your smartphone.
  3. You can remotely control all apps on your kid’s smartphone easily.
  • Real-time GPS location tracker
  • Call and text logs
  • Parental app control
  • Analysis of history
  • Ensure child’s safety
  • Sign up account to use the app

5. Parental Control App & Location Tracker – FamiSafe

Parental Control App & Location Tracker – FamiSafe app focuses on the most common concerns: whether they use the smartphone at night or in class, for how long, and even where it is when they leave home.

5 Parental Control App & Location Tracker

Its bullying prevention system and suspicious text alert will take care of notifying you quickly when it detects any problem. When something inappropriate happens on your child’s device, you will receive an alert.

You will be able to consult the history of locations to know their route. With the safe locations option, you can mark trusted places where we know that the youngest is safe.

Parental Control Features:

  1. It provides reliable location tracking of your kids and keeps them safe from danger.
  2. You can set time limits and ensure that they do not use it in inappropriate contexts, at night, or school.
  3. It allows you to track web history, apps usage, calls, and messages logs from your phone.
  • Real-time activity status
  • Safe search
  • Control phone using time
  • Track web, calls and text logs
  • Dangerous photo detection and alert
  • Ridiculous filter option

6. Family Locator GPS Tracker Child – Chat – ToDo 360

ToDo 360 app allows you to track your kid’s location instantly. You can use it as a family locator because it has multiple member positioning in real-time. It shows the battery level of every member’s devices.

6 Family Locator GPS Tracker Child

You can see the location history on the app and reconstruct the journey gradually. It allows you to edit and share tasks and shopping lists in the team. Also, it sends alert when your phone’s battery level becomes low.

The tracker can locate the lost phone so that you can find the lost device easily. Its Geofences can be configured to spot a place such as a school, workplace, etc. You can chat with private users on the app.

Family Locator Features:

  1. It allows you to track your child’s current location and phone control easily.
  2. You can chat in a group and track lost phones with its powerful GPS.
  3. View location history, call logs, text logs, shopping lists and edit them if needed.
  • Group location tracker
  • Share and edit tasks
  • Track stolen phone
  • Private group chat
  • Notification alert
  • Need to register

7. SecureTeen Parental Control App

SecureTeen app monitors all text messages that are sent and received from your child’s device. You can even track incoming and outgoing calls and text messages. Also, you can monitor Facebook accounts where you can receive alerts from your kid’s friends and suspicious posts.

7 SecureTeen Parental Control App

It tracks web history and has a timer that schedules and limits device usage. It even tracks your child’s location and parents can remotely monitor their activities.

You can enable and disable apps with a time setting. Also, the schedule will be displayed on the app screen. The online control panel ensures your child’s safety.

SecureTeen Parental Features:

  1. You can monitor your child’s phone apps, usage, call and message logs from your phone.
  2. It allows you to set the child’s phone screen time and block apps when needed.
  3. Track Facebook and online activity to avoid suspicious and dangerous tasks.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Facebook and online activity tracking
  • Monitor calls and messages
  • Set app usage and screen time
  • 24 hours of web control
  • Cannot tracks all apps

8. Find My Friends, Family, Kids – Location Tracker

Find My Friends, Family, Kids – Location Tracker app allows you to find family members and kid’s location in real-time. Its real-time alerts help to protect your child’s from danger. Also, you will get instant notification of nearby friends on the app.

8 Find My Friends

The GPS tracker helps to find lost phones and get panic alerts in emergency situations. You can enjoy free voice messaging through its iSharing option. Also, you can view the history of your child.

You can pinpoint your child’s location on the phone’s map. The real-time GPS data can be shared with others and track navigation maps to find friends and families.

Find My Friends Features:

  1. The real-time position tracker presents your child and family member’s current location.
  2. You can send voice messages through iSharing option as like as walkie talkie.
  3. Find out lost phones using the powerful GPS tracker with the correct location.
  • Current position tracker
  • Send voice messages
  • Real-time alerts
  • Location and tasks history
  • Chat over the maps
  • Difficulties in timekeeping

9. Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number app can track your child’s location accurately. You can view the total location tracking history without any limitations. When your kids come near you, it will send notification on your phone.

9 Phone Tracker By Number

You can pinpoint your child’s exact location and give him/her navigational suggestion to reach the destination easily. It provides your child’s phone battery percentage on the map.

It provides all details of your child’s location without asking anyone. Also, it sends alerts when your children are moving on the way. You can find a stolen device using the phone tracker app.

Phone Tracker Features:

  1. It provides the live location of your child with GPS notification and logs.
  2. When your child moves on the road, it sends notifications randomly about their location in real-time.
  3. It can be used to find a lost phone if you have registered the app account on the lost phone.
  • Live location tracking
  • Find out stolen phone
  • Battery level indicator
  • Instant notification on kid’s movement
  • Strong privacy protection
  • Lags GPS signals

10. Step By Step: Gps Watch, Child`S Phone Tracker

Step By Step app has an SOS button that helps your child in emergencies. You can observe your children online at the maps with live movements. Also, you can chat with your child on the app.

10 Gps watch, child`s phone tracker

It works fine on the GPS watch and ensures comfortable performance. Its callback option allows you to listen to your child near the smartwatch. The GEO-Zones help to control the entry and exit of your kids on the map.

You will get notifications when your child removes the watch from hand and moving along the way. It also sends a reminder alert to avoid forgetting your child’s locations.

Gps watch Features:

  1. You can track your kid’s location and chat with them live.
  2. The SOS button and callback helps children in an emergency and listen to them.
  3. When your child started moving on the way and remove the watch from hand, it will send notification on your phone.
  • Live chat with location tracking
  • Removal notification
  • SOS button for emergency help
  • Smartwatch support
  • GPS locator and history viewer
  • Lags GPS locator and sign up process

Final Verdict

Are you sure that your children are accessing only secure content? You can keep safe your children from access to inapt materials using the best free child tracking app, while also preventing hackers who use these avenues to break into our tech gadgets. Malicious elements and inappropriate videos can appear on your children’s Android devices at any time. These 10 child tracking apps for android will help you make sure that your children’s screen time is safe.