Spreadsheet documents are commonly known as Excel documents because they have been the app to open it by default. They allow you to manipulate numerical data as you wish to carry out endless tasks. Besides Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, there are many smartphone apps that can manage spreadsheets. Take a look at the following list of the best spreadsheet apps for android and download the one you like the most!

10 Best Spreadsheet Apps For Android Reviews 2021

You can do all the spreadsheet tasks on the android smartphone with excel spreadsheet apps for android. Below, you will find the 10 best spreadsheet apps for android that make your tasks easier. Let’s dive into it.


1. Google Sheets

Google Sheets app has a collaboration option so that multiple people can work on the same spreadsheet in real-time. You can customize sheet layouts in your own style. It is cross platform so you can import Microsoft Office files easily.

1 Google Sheets

It allows you to do a large number of things and since we are very used to using it, it is one of the easiest programs to use. It also includes a large number of spreadsheet templates so that everyone can use the one that suits them.

You only have to have a Gmail account and you can use it without problems. It allows  you to save spreadsheets directly in the cloud so you will never lose your data.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can create and customize spreadsheets online and offline without any limitations.
  • Its auto save option always keeps your data safe from losing by mistake.
  • It supports Microsoft Excel files so you can edit them with one tap.

Google Sheets app allows you  users to create and collaborate sheets from the smartphone.

2. Microsoft Excel: Create And Edit Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is the best app for anyone who needs to work with spreadsheets. It has a function to convert photographs into spreadsheets. You can use several spreadsheet templates that best suits your needs.

2 Microsoft Excel

You can view, edit and calculate figures using the collaboration tools. The chart maker and data analysis tool allows you to quickly edit chart labels and apply formulas to calculate a long figure.

It creates custom sheets and customize with colors, shape and formats. You can add SmartArt on the excel sheet with different layouts. Also, you can solve all types of mathematical terms instantly.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • The trusted spreadsheet apps allow users to view, edit and create a spreadsheet with a quick calculation.
  • You can customize sheet shape, color and add graphs, charts, etc. easily.
  • With the data analysis tool, you can calculate with formulas.

Microsoft Excel is the best spreadsheet creator app with various types of functions.

3. OfficeSuite – Office, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

OfficeSuite app allows you to easily open, edit and share text documents from android devices. You can easily make a spreadsheet and elaborate it with eye-catching designs and layouts.

3 OfficeSuite

You can add graphs, charts, colors and much more according to needs. It supports PDF files and can scan PDF quickly. Most of the file formats can be used in the app without any limitations.

Its file commander allows you to sync local and remote files easily. You can store files up to 5 GB in the default storage. It has a text to voice option so you can add text by speaking, which will save you time.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can view, edit and customize spreadsheets and share them with others easily.
  • It supports multiple documents, text to speech and PDF files.
  • You can collaborate on the spreadsheet with others using the chat option.

OfficeSuite is an amazing office app that allows you to create and edit a spreadsheet with various functions.

4. AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office has all features to create, edit and export spreadsheets. You can easily calculate all types of accountings using formulas. Also, it has an equation editor that helps to fix problems quickly.

4 AndrOpen Office

All formats files can be imported and edited in the app. You can edit PDF, PSD, PCT and more advanced files without any third-party software. Also, you can save files in PDF format.

It has a security system to protect your spreadsheet with a password. After completing the task, you can save it in extensive formats and share it with others or upload in the drive.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can easily create a spreadsheet for OpenDocument format and edit with several functions.
  • The motion events allow you to assign all navigation-related options easily.
  • You can calculate all audits using formulas and equation editors.

AndrOpen Office is a versatile app for editing and solving audits in the spreadsheet.

5. Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets

Quip app is a collaborative word processor that includes a chat messaging system so that we can communicate with the people who are editing a spreadsheet at the same time. You can create different documents for all participants.

5 Quip

You can insert tables, mention people, link to another document or a website. The synchronization with the cloud has also been added so that a spreadsheet can be edited from anywhere.

It allows you to create folders and share them with a group of collaborators. You can add themes to change the font and style of the text and export it in PDF format.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can create, view and edit spreadsheets while chatting with others on a project.
  • It has several functions to customize and collaborate spreadsheets from mobile.
  • It has online and offline support so you can edit docs and spreadsheets anytime, anywhere.

Quip is an amazing chat spreadsheet app to work on the sheet with the team.

6. WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word,PDF,Excel

WPS Office is a complete office app that allows you to open any spreadsheet document and create them. It is integrated with other office platforms and works fine with zoom and slack to make online effectively and group work.

6 WPS Office

You can convert a spreadsheet into PDF format to share others through social media. It allows you  to scan, text and CSV spreadsheets to edit and customize. You can solve many mathematical terms using formulas.

If you have lost any data, you can recover them easily. It allows you to turn a picture into a sheet and PPT file with a single tap. You can use different layouts and designs to create your spreadsheet.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It allows you to create, edit and view spreadsheets and work with the team online and offline.
  • You can convert pictures into sheet format, then edit and export in excel and ppt format.
  • You can change font size, style, add formulas and template to create an amazing spreadsheet.

WPS Office is an incredible office app that allows you  to create a spreadsheet with advanced features.

7. SmartOffice – View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs

SmartOffice app allows you  to create, review and edit expenses, reports and more on the spreadsheet. You can change font style, color and spreadsheet layouts easily. Also, it has formatting styles to make text into bold, italic and underline.

7 SmartOffice

You can align the text position to the right, left, center, up and down. You can also save the file and excel, text, CSV, and PDF format to share with others. Its beautiful templates provide a new look to your spreadsheet.

It allows you  to do work in the spreadsheet in full-screen view mode. You can use dark mode content easily and sync to the cloud storage with a box. Also, you can add charts and formulas to make the calculation easier.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can review, edit and present spreadsheets to calculate expenses, budgets, etc. with the app.
  • It allows you to align cells, insert and delete worksheets quickly.
  • You can import PDF files to edit in the spreadsheet and export as Excel or CSV files.

SmartOffice app is an amazing app to edit and review spreadsheets from an android smartphone.

8. Table Notes – Pocket database & spreadsheet editor

Table Notes app is an amazing database creator app and spreadsheet editor that provides a table view in the sheet. You can easily edit, review and align cell/row in with the app. It allows you  to use photos and voice clips from phone storage.

8 Table Notes

It allows you  to collaborate and work in a team to edit the spreadsheet at the same time. You can use the app online, offline and make a backup in cloud storage. It allows you  to create and share instant reports with preformatted layouts.

You can add analysis graphs and styles in the spreadsheet. It allows you  to enter data using the form and remember through notes. You can use formulas of numbers and time to calculate in the sheet quickly.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can edit, customize and organize spreadsheets in user-friendly table view mode.
  • It allows you to add photo, signature, address and voice clips to make the sheet
  • You can add a graph, format sheet, enhance style, input data and set reminders.

Table Notes app offers lots of advanced functions to create and edit spreadsheets from the phone.

9. Zoho Sheet – Mobile Spreadsheet Editor

Zoho Sheet app allows you  to create on the go spreadsheet from anywhere without sign up. You can do all tasks like expense calculation, budgets, listings and more. It allows you  to convert a picture into a tabular sheet.

9 Zoho Sheet

You can control all data that entered into the sheet using predefined functions. It has an auto-suggestion tool and customizable keypad so you can finish data records quickly. You can easily put the values and formats in the regulated data entry process.

It allows you  to apply formula and advanced options like XLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, etc. for free. You can add charts, designs, stylish fonts and more.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It allows you to create, review and edit spreadsheets without a login so you can use it from anywhere.
  • You can work together on a sheet by inviting them online using predefined functions.
  • It allows you to convert sheet into eBook using widgets, data and number formats.

Zoho Sheet app allows you  to work on the spreadsheet in a team simultaneously.

10. Simple Spreadsheet (free/ads)

Simple Spreadsheet allows you  to create sheets and solve complex calculations easily. You can insert text, set background and font color with cell and row alignment. The sheet can be saved in CSV format so you can share it with others.

10 Simple Spreadsheet (free ads)

The default keypad allows you  to enter data quickly using shortcuts. You can back up all files and avoid overwriting problems with a single click. It allows you  to copy and paste a specific range of cells and rows.

It highlights the formulas in the reference cells and ranges. The auto width and height option change the cells and rows size according to the text length.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can make a spreadsheet and set the row and column size automatically.
  • It highlights the formulas in the referenced cells and columns so you can get rid of complexity.
  • You can easily save files in CSV format and quickly insert text using its built-in keypad.

Simple Spreadsheet App offers user-friendly functions to create, review and edit spreadsheets easily.

Bottom Line

It is possible that you discover an app that you like even more. These are the best spreadsheet apps for android we can find for the spreadsheet. With these apps, you can edit, read and create spreadsheets without problems. You can organize your data, enter more, and it scales surprisingly well.

Also, you can enter mathematical formulas for deeper integration and solve audits. They allow you to import and export files in Excel, CSV, Text and PDF format so you can share with others and save in the drive storage.