The paranormal world is one of the greatest puzzles and millions of people say that they feel and have otherworldly experiences. Many others simply deny and prove with suspicion in disbelief that they are not true. Everything is left to individual criteria, but if you like things related to the spirits and beings from beyond, you must download these best spirit box apps for android.

With them, you will find many tools to detect real spirits, abnormal energies, fluctuations of witches or play some pranks on your friends with horrible specters. We love to explore topics beyond the earthly plane, so we have presented 5 apps so that you can enjoy a real spirit box experience.

Why Should You Use A Spirit Box App?

Best spirit box apps for android

A spirit box app allows you to communicate with dead spirit, realm and other relatives who passed away. You will get an awesome ghostly environment when you are playing the app with the spirit box. The app helps to talk with those dead spirits who are in touch with you. Also, you can record voices at HD quality sound.

Best Spirit Box Apps For Android Reviews 2021

With the help of smartphone technology, you can do paranormal activities and connect with the dead spirit. Here, we have presented the best spirit box apps for android that provide the experience of the world of dead and living. Let’s have a look below:

1. Sv-2 Spiritvox “Ghost Box” Sv1

SV-2 SpiritVox has 2 noise banks that are designed with Ghost Box and the best quality sound. Its EchoVox style allows you to use speakers and earphones. You can record real-time sounds and save in 2 different modes.

The “sweep” channel allows you to control the randomness of the spirit box. You can rename the session if you want and it works without using radio waves so you can use the app everywhere.

In both channels, it provides new high-quality sounds with a clear voice. It is used by many paranormal researchers so that you will hear a real ghost sound. After all, it has everything related to spirits.

SV-2 SpiritVox Features:

  • It has 4 recording channels that allow to control speed and play randomly.
  • The dual noise banks provided common sound and included the PRD1000 Chicago spirit box.
  • It has an echo monitoring option that allows to record using speakers and headphones.

The Spirit Box app is designed and developed by a real ghost hunter.

2.  SGK1 – Ghost Hunting Kit

SGK1 Ghost Hunting Kit app is an EMF detector that allows you spirit energy. It has 3000 latest soundtracks in the soundbank that allows you to play ghost voices as you want. Its phonetic sound clips help to understand all languages and get an instant response.

The EVP recorder allows you to record the session of the spirit box. In the “SpottedGhosts” menu, you will find all folders, including sound clips, voice effects, etc. Also, the recorded file is saved in the Recording folder as .3gp format.

It converts the clips into 1 second to ensure flexibility during communication. The clips are collected from Morse, VHF, FM, AM and other ghost sound sources. It has a later playback feature to play all clips in the future.

SGK1 – Ghost Features:

  • Its SG3 spirit box provides a large number of sound clips in different languages.
  • You can record and save it in the app folder using the EVP recorder.
  • Using the EMF detector of the app, you can access the magnetometer on your phone.

The app is a perfect app for beginners to an expert paranormal investigators.

3. Spirit Box Lite

Spirit Box Lite contains 2000 sound clips in soundbank and you can download 100 clips at a time. It chopped the clips into 1 second, so it is hard to read by others. Also, it uses phonetic sounds in clips that help to understand other languages.

With the random playing mode, you can explain the audio. Its operation is very simple and it opens quickly by the start button. Also, it allows you to control and adjust everything from the phone screen.

You can record the sounds and save them in the app folder. It provides studio-based sound quality and real-time experience.

Spirit Box Features:

  • You can add several clips from the soundbank using phonetic audio to get foreign language and responses.
  • It is easy to control with the “Start” and “Back” button on your phone.
  • You can download 100 sound clips at a time by following the screen instructions.

The app offers a large number of sound clips and free to download from the soundbox.

4. RAPTOR Spirit Box

RAPTOR Spirit Box app has a special echo that allows you to pitch down the sound cycle with perfection. With a high mic setting, you can adjust the Echo squeal. It provides random noises to improve EVP enhancing.

It does not use the radio to manipulate audio that replicates sounds quickly. You can make a video of the session and record sounds as you want. Also, you will get the solution of your problem within 2 days.

You can control volume, on/off and other functions from the screen. It has no digital audio effect so that you can hear ghost sounds without any extra noises.

RAPTOR Spirit Features:

  • Its EVP provides real-time spirit sounds and random noises to improve app enhancing.
  • You can record the spirit sound scanning and save it with high-quality MP3 and MP4 formats.
  • Its built-in dual sessions provide better performance and tweak the setting.

The app allows to play spirit sounds in audio and video format.

5. Bips BCN Spirit Box

Bips BCN Spirit Box can access the device camera to record when the spirit box is working. You can use the flashlight in dark areas and anywhere you want. Its NR button helps to reduce noise to get a clear sound.

With the plus and minus buttons, you can control the playing speed. Also, you can set the auto mode that cut and mix the voices by scanning. You can use it in airplane mode and record all sessions.

Its interface is perfect for beginners to professionals. You can listen to the whisper clearly because it offers high-quality sound at all conditions.

Bips BCN Features:

  • It allows you to record using a phone camera and flashlight with HD sound quality.
  • With the noise reduction button, you will get clear ghost sounds.
  • It allows you to adjust spirit box volume and all functions with average playing speed.

The app can record everything using your phone camera and provide better quality ghost sound.

Some Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Spirit Box App

You should keep these facts when using a spirit box app android to get better performance. They are mentioned below:

  • Check the noise level because the high noise level makes the audio unbearable after recording. Please keep it on the average level to get clear and HD quality sound.
  • You can keep the sessions long or short. Long sessions require extra concentration and short sessions are perfect for newcomers.
  • Before using a spirit sound clip, you must get information about it because it could be imperfect with your needs.
  • Wear protective gear like gemstones, peridot, agate and more to stay safe for evil.
  • Don’t call bad spirits because they always try to harm humans and are forced to do vulnerable things.

Final Thought

To get into the world of spirit, the app can help you to communicate with spirits without using the spirit box instead of spending money. The apps allow you to record voices, shoot videos and add sound clips that make it easy to use. You can adjust the white and black noise from your smartphone app to get a clear sound. Try one of the spirit story box apps android to enjoy paranormal investigations.