The most typical example that we can put to head this article, would be that of the neighbor. That neighbor who constantly bothers with music, works or various sounds. Although there are many other situations in which we would be interested in measuring the decibels of a sound, we rarely have a sound level meter at hand.

Don’t worry, we have presented the best sound meter apps for android to measure noise with your mobile. These apps can be used to quantify the sound and check if it exceeds the established limits, something that cannot be guessed by eye.

Is There An App That Can Identify Sounds?

At play store and app store, there are several apps that can detect sounds and measure it in decibel. They use the device microphone to measure sound level up to 100 dB. Some can record sounds and save it to edit, share and more. You can hear all types of sounds like alarms, vehicle sounds, timers, bells, noises, sirens and so on. Sound Meter PRO, Sound Meter, SPL Meter, Best Sound Meter and Sound Meter & Noise Detector are the editor’s best choices for detecting sounds and measuring accurately.

Best sound meter apps for android

Best 5 Sound Meter Apps For Android Reviews 2021

There are millions of applications on Google Play Store and many of them have very similar and even identical functions. Below, we have highlighted the best sound meter apps for android to measure sound level near you.

1. Sound Meter

Sound Meter app displays the environmental noise data along with other interface operating options, such as the possibility of exposing the information collected to the full screen or saving it in the device memory to record it.

It can calibrate the dB for each device and records the sounds through the phone’s microphone. Also, it shows the reference of the measurement in real-time on the screen and the system indicates the dB per manometer.

The decibels level does not support over 100 dB, so it will not detect sounds above this value in most devices. Its upside-down mode allows you to choose the level of calculating sound level according to places and objects.

Sound Meter Features:

  1. It is capable of measuring the decibels of a specific place or situation so you can relate to noise.
  2. The maximum values ​​are limited and very loud sounds (over 100 dB) cannot be realistically recognized.
  3. It uses the built-in microphone on your phone to collect and analyze sounds and then compares them.

The app indicates the noise level that is in the place where the mobile is placed.

2. Sound Meter PRO

The display of the Sound Pro app shows four main elements. Numerical representation of decibels, a sidebar to measure the intensity of sound, a start button and another to toggle between data samples of ambient noise.

It has advanced features such as a spectrum analyzer so you can calculate the sound level of the noise of the near appliance. You can adjust the party sound level by measuring the decibel.

At the bottom of the screen, a graph shows changes in intensity every 15 seconds. You can also view a list with values ​​equivalent to certain situations, such as an airplane engine or the decibel value of a child crying in your ear.

Sound Meter Features:

  1. You can change between viewing a graph (updated every 15 seconds) and a list with equivalent numbers of decibels.
  2. It has a device calibration system to make the result as accurate as possible to reality.
  3. It allows you to play audios at different sound levels so you can analyze the sound on your device.

It is a very powerful sound level meter, easy to use and with great precision compared to other sound meter apps.

3. Best Sound Meter

The best Sound Meter app provides an accurate sound level with dB and analyzes sound pressure levels. It shows the sound level by gauge so you can read the calculation easily. Also, it uses device microphones to calibrate android devices and show absolute value.

You will notice an instant reaction when the sound level changes. The graph statistics and value chart helps to understand the level of noise and take action. It is suitable for counting decibels below 100 dB.

Its home screen and UI are similar to the speedometers of cars, so you can easily understand. Its particular sound level meter identifies the noise with names and surnames.

Best Sound Features:

  1. It shows the sound level in minimum, average and maximum dB with an accurate value.
  2. All devices can be calibrated with the app and record the previous history of sound levels.
  3. Its quick alert helps to notice the sound level change so you can adjust the source of the sound.

Without a doubt, it is the app to measure the noise that incorporates the most daring places.

4. Sound Meter & Noise Detector

Sound Meter & Noise Detector app can detect and record sound at any place, any time. It provides real-time data in a diagram chart with minimum, maximum and average value with 100% accurate calculation.

It incorporates white and black modes, in which one illuminates the screen in white, while it turns dark at night. Its calibration tool ensures accurate measurement and you can save the history to share with others.

It can detect noise level up to 90 dB and warns you when it raises more than 90 dB. Also, its user interface and the home screen is easily designed for everyone’s use.

Sound Meter Features:

  1. It has a day and night mode that helps to read sound levels in any condition without problems.
  2. Its auto sound detection system makes the app handy and records sound so you can edit and share.
  3. When the sound level goes over the average level, it warns you to take accurate measurements.

The app is the best option to know the sound level with real-time data.

5. SPL Meter

SPL Meter app shows the minimum and maximum sound levels through the analog dial. It uses the phone microphone to detect and calculate sound level so you will get an accurate value. It can calculate 20 to 90 dB sound at any place, anywhere.

It shows results in dB, dBA or dBC so you can customize the weighting according to the frequencies and loudness. You can set the sound level average with the pause and clear button.

Its calibration system is smooth, and the graph shows the result in an auto-scale or manual with Y-axis. The REL button allows you to remove the unnecessary value from history.

SPL Features:

  1. It detects a sound from all devices up to 90 decibels depending on the device hardware.
  2. The minimum and maximum sound levels are displayed with an analog dial and a detailed graph.
  3. Its relative button allows you to remove the average sound level reading with all data.

Final Thought

Excessive sound can lead to many problems such as hearing loss, anxiety and depression to these types of problems. Detecting excessive sound in your home or near you, the best sound meter apps for android is essential. These applications to measure decibels with your mobile phone can help you detect if there is a problem.

Most of the smartphones have a multitude of sensors that allow us to analyze our surroundings. One of them is the microphone and it is the one that we will use to be able to make noise measurements. We hope that with these apps, you can solve the problem.