Companies work on multiple projects to form teams of staff and assign them to experienced leaders who take responsibility for ensuring the project’s success and timely completion. It needs a lot of work to be well-organized in the manner and within targeted goals.

A project planning application helps to manage a business plan on a common platform. It ensures the progress of each task and project with accomplishment. If you want to optimize resources, we have discussed the best project management apps for android to save time and effort to complete your project successfully.

Why Project Management Is Necessary?

The project management helps team members complete tasks sequentially and on time. After tasks have been assigned, they can be used to monitor the progress of each job. A calendar is combined with the project management apps to use the system to track goals for each project.

10 Best Project Management Apps For Android Reviews 2021

We have presented 10 best project management apps for android to make your project organized and work in a team for better improvement. Let’s see them below:


1. Trello: Organize Anything With Anyone, Anywhere!

Trello app is a project management app that has multiple organizations, boards, lists and cards. You can create a team to achieve the objectives following a fairly visual process. Its board can be organized in three basic ways.

1 Trello

You can organize it as a content calendar for your social networks, to establish the images and text of your blog and much more. There are different types of filters that you can place cards.

With the app, you can have a task with multiple subtasks. In this way, you will not have to create multiple cards if something you must do requires doing subtasks.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can quickly manage and organize any project from anywhere with anyone.
  2. It has cards to assign, update, and complete projects even on the go.
  3. The calendar view helps to add dates and locations with a new perspective.

Trello app offers easy project management with several facilities, both online and offline.

2. Task & Project Management – MeisterTask

MeisterTask app allows you to create a project, add as many team members as you like, assign them tasks, and track each person’s progress. It has boards to adapt your workflow and ensure everyone is on the same place.

2 Task & Project Management

In the app, each task has space for all the information necessary to complete it correctly. Discuss the details of working with your team members, upload files, set deadlines and add items to the checklist.

It has integration to your favorite applications, such as Dropbox, GitHub, Zendesk, Box, Bitbucket or Google Drive. Its unique plug-ins and performance features allow you to automate your workflow.

Why do you use this app?

  1. It provides fast, modern and intuitive task management to work together.
  2. You can personalize fields, roles, permissions, timeline setting and sharing options easily.
  3. It can be accessed simply so you can improve productivity by tracking everyone’s workflow.

MeisterTask provides a user-friendly interface to manage tasks quickly.

3. Project Manager

Project Manager App provides unlimited features to manage tasks and sub-tasks easily from a smartphone. You can create a project and monitor everyone’s performance and progress.

3 Project Manager

The tasks are easy to manage and you can create them at any level as you want. You can create unlimited projects, categories and tasks on the app. In the project manager section, you can see everyone’s summary at a glance.

You can plan for the website and go through the steps to complete the task. It allows you to add notes and details in unlimited words on the projects.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can do and manage multiple tasks and projects with a proper management system.
  2. It allows you to make a plan for a website and complete it with quick progress.
  3. You can add notes on the projects and create projects at any level.

The Project Manager App provides unlimited tasks and project management quickly.

4. Project Management – Project 365

Project 365 is an amazing app to create tasks and manage team members with better progress. You observe the overall project progress shortly. The Gantt chart shows the project looks and improvements with details.

4 Project management - Project 365

You can create a channel to discuss tasks with the team. It allows you to add hours to manage workflow with creativity. In the reports section, you can make a new plan for quick progress.

In 3 easy steps, you can use the app to manage all types of tasks and projects quickly. You can check the reports of tasks individually and get help from the support tab.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can make projects, assign people and manage teams with proper task management.
  2. The Gantt chart helps to visualize projects with additional functionalities to check progress at a glance.
  3. You can discuss with the team member by creating a channel on the app.

Project 365 allows you to manage tasks with the Gantt chart and discussion channel.

5. Project Management

Project Management app provides a disciplined interface to manage projects and tasks successfully. You can plan, execute, control and close tasks to achieve desired goals. Also, you can make a schedule to finish the project easily.

5 Project Management

It allows you to develop and change projects with a proper budget. You can manage resources and team performance on the app without any dependencies. It follows the 5 basic phases of project management.

You can learn more about management skills with the app. It provides communication support with team members to avoid conflict and get progress. Also, it has a Gantt chart that allows you to visualize project improvement at a glance.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can easily create and manage several projects easily with proper monitoring facilities.
  2. It allows you to make a plan, execute and control everything from smartphones.
  3. It has a Gantt chart and communication option that makes your project more successful.

The Project Management app offers several advanced functions to manage the project successfully.

6. Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner app organizes projects and tasks visually. You can check overall progress, assign all tasks and add staff to observe them. It allows you to share files with teams with security.

6 Microsoft Planner

The My Tasks view allows you to keep track of all tasks according to your plan. You can add captured photos in the project and all team members will see them. With the team planner, you can communicate easily about the projects.

In this app, everyone can work on the same page to get real-time progress of your projects. You can create and customize the board according to your plan.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can easily collaborate on all tasks and projects visually with proper management.
  2. All members can work on the same page so you can view project status in real-time.
  3. It has a board that allows to assign tasks, chat and more on the smartphone.

The Microsoft Planner allows to manage tasks with real-time progress.

7. Smartsheet: Manage Teams, Projects, Tasks and Work

Smartsheet app helps to carry out project management more efficiently. It is used for task assignments, project progress tracking, file sharing, and managing other jobs. Also, it integrates with pre-built Gantt chart templates that make it easy to create the project.

You can control the Gantt bars to change the dates and duration, and the table will update automatically. And when it is done with the Gantt chart, you can share it with anyone.

Your team members can edit or add information in real-time, instead of sending numerous static Excel files every time something changes. This app’s interface focuses on smart sheets that allow the user to multitask and take that famous format to the next level.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can handle any projects with team management properly from the smartphone.
  2. It provides real-time working experience with sheets, staff dashboards and my view section.
  3. The interface and all functions can be adjusted according to your plans and projects.

Smartsheet app provides access to projects whenever and wherever you want.

8. Wrike – Remote Project Management

Wrike is an online project management app that defines projects and prepares the team to work faster and smarter together. You can control the perspective of your projects to get an overview or focus on the details.8 Wrike - Remote Project Management

Use real-time reporting and analytics to lead the team and make adjustments. You can get the accurate and up-to-date information you need to meet your deadline while avoiding wasting time on status meetings.

It allows you to monitor overall progress and individual contributions. Add tasks across multiple folders or projects and create any combination of folder structures to suit your needs.

Why do you use this app?

  1. It allows you to work collaboratively and visualize everyone’s changes in real-time.
  2. View tasks, folders and projects, which you can modify and include custom columns to control the project.
  3. It has many facilities to attach files on various tasks and customize notifications.

Wrike is an ideal app for teamwork and it will allow you to manage your professionals and the projects effectively.

9. Progress of Project

Progress of Project app provides a clean interface to manage several projects from an android smartphone. You can create a sub-task under a project to achieve the constitution easily.

9 Progress of Project

You can rename the project and see the progress with the date and workflow percentage. It shows the complete report in a place, so you need not go further. When your project completes, it provides notification and market it green to understand clearly.

In the project analysis section, you can see details, applied strategy and determine decisions about the projects. Its graph styled report helps to understand overall progress clearly.

Why do you use this app?

  1. It allows you to create category wised projects and tasks with real-time progress checking.
  2. You can edit and change the project plan according to the achievement rate.
  3. The progress map shows the overall project performance so you can take steps to improve productivity.

The Progress of Project app provides real-time projects and tasks management with graph reports.

10. Monday.Com: Team Collaboration &Amp; Work Management is a visual project management app that shows you exactly where things are at a glance. You can track of the project improvement and performance of your team at a glance. You can instantly see who is working on what and where things are.

10 monday

You can assign teammates to specific tasks or projects. It allows you to comment and congratulate the work of your colleagues.

It helps to add rows to your board quickly and they keep all communication in one place, reducing the need for meetings and long and painful email threads. You can mention complete individuals or teams.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can easily manage a team with real-time update loops from your phone.
  2. It allows you to assign, analyze and view multiple data to improve progress.
  3. The templates can be organized and customized according to your needs.

The app is easy for everyone to collaborate, focus on projects and tasks.

Final Thought

With these free project management apps for android, you can manage any projects and complete them successfully. The apps ensure the resources you need to be more organized with new projects.

You can add members to create a team and observe projects progress with improving productivity among staff. Also, they allow you to work on the same page so you can manage everyone simply. Install anyone from the discussed best project management apps for android and combine planning, ideation and execution.