Do you need to measure the amount of light in your workspace or living place? Here, we have made a selection of the best light meter apps for android. Although they belong to different areas, without a doubt, they will all be useful apps to exploit the full potential of lighting.

They show the amount in luxes or FC (foot-candle) and a minimum, maximum, and average graph. Also, they are practical to compare lamps and measure the brightness of the environment. Make your phone as a light measuring tool with these free light meter apps for android.

Do Light Meter Apps Work?

Light meter apps work simply and provide accurate measurements. It uses the light sensor and camera of your smartphone to measure lights. The result will be depended on the camera and device quality. If your device has a good camera, it will work fine. You can expect the light meter apps result as near to the original light meter, which is expensive.

8 Best Light Meter Apps For Android Reviews 2021

Below, we have presented the 8 best light meter apps for android that provides accurate measurement in all types of light conditions. Let’s dive into it.


1. Light Meter – LUX Meter

Light Meter provides real-time light measurements in LUX value. It uses your phone’s light sensor to measure the intensity level of light. Also, it is perfect for photographers and video professionals to adjust the brightness to take a vibrant shot.

1 Light Meter - LUX Meter

With its instruction, you can easily know how to use the app. You can easily measure the softness of the light to read books, use laptops, and watch TV or more comfort. It ensures the light level with high and low light levels.

You can easily find a light source with the app. The updated libraries and themes provide a better UI to measure light without any problems.

Light Meter Features:

  • It uses the light sensor of your phone and shows the result in the lux unit.
  • You can set light level with the app to read books, watch movies on smart devices and more.
  • It provides real-time maximum and minimum values of the measured light.

The Light Meter app measure lights using a device light sensor and provides results in real-time.

2. Lux Meter (Light Meter)

Lux Meter app correctly measure light area using a phone light sensor. It presents the illumination in lux and fc unit. With the graph chart, you can easily understand the lighting level.

2 Lux Meter (Light Meter)

It allows you to calibrate your phone using the multiplier. You can get the light level in maximum, minimum and average value. All sensor data are shown here so that you can know is it working perfectly.

You can customize the unit from the setting. It allows you to keep the comfortable brightness level on average while reading books or watching movies.

Lux Meter Features:

  • It measures light using the device light sensor and shows the result in lux, fc unit.
  • The graph chart presents the high, medium and low light levels.
  • You can calibrate the device easily and see the sensor data.

The Lux Meter app allows you to keep comfortable brightness with accurate measuring.

3. Lux Light Meter Free

Lux Light Meter Free app provides light power level in maximum, average and minimum. You can see the result in the lux and fc unit as you want. Also, you can calibrate the smartphone to get an optimal result.

3 Lux Light Meter Free

It allows you to store the examined result and recall to recheck the light measurements. It has a reset option to set the values in default mode. You can save and rename each record for future inspection.

Its intuitive UX provides excellent performance and makes it use easier. The algorithm of the app offers a reliable and efficient result. It is optimized to save your battery from draining.

Lux Light Meter Features:

  • It ensures accurate and excellent measurement of the light in lux and fc unit.
  • You can start instantly and compare the brightness level with other places by saving data.
  • You can recall measurements, reset values and see the data with its algorithms.

The Lux Light Meter Free app has advanced options to measure light and store the result to compare.

4. Light Meter

Light Meter app shows the light temperature in the kelvin unit with measuring the light level in lux and fc unit. It works on a phone’s RGB light sensor and provides an accurate result. Its design is so amazing and the analog meter provides an antique appearance.

4 Light Meter

You can change the background and theme of the app’s UX. It provides a stable and optimized measurement at all light conditions. Also, it can be calibrated with your phone easy to get a more accurate result.

It allows us to keep the room light level on average so that we can read and watch anything without any problems. You can easily compare the light on each room and take steps to adjust it.

Light Meter Features:

  • It presents the light power level and temperature with higher accuracy.
  • You can set a different background in the app to read measurements comfortably.
  • It uses the RBG sensor of your phone and calibrates the device perfectly.

The Light Meter app can measure the light level and temperature with a reliable calculation.

5. LightMeter

LightMeter app can measures light and reflected light in the iso range up to 6400. With your device’s light sensor, it measures the illumination level accurately. The reflected light level can be measured with the device camera.

5 LightMeter

It provides low light alerts and calibrates correctly with your device. You can see the sensor info and EXIF on the app screen. Also, you can mute the camera to detect the light level silently.

The alternative iso selector allows you to recall and state ISO with resume option. You can zoom in the spot with the phone’s camera to get a better result. It supports all high-resolution screens.

LightMeter Features:

  • You can measure all types of light using a camera and light sensor with a low light alert.
  • The ISO selector allows you to adjust iso range from 3 to 6400.
  • You can calibrate the device with a phone and zoom camera to get accurate measurements.

The LightMeter app can accurately measure light from a long distance by zooming a camera.

6. Light Meter – Free

Light Meter app can be used to measure light from SLR to normal phone camera using two light meters. The sensor meter shows the aperture, iso, sec and EV level of the targeted light source. You can adjust the preferences according to your needs and place.

6 Light Meter - Free

It allows you to customize the value and the unit of light measurements. The manual calculator and sunny sixteen calculators provide accurate and flawless results. With the EXIF reader accurately define the light source details and ensure a reliable measurement.

You can record videos and take pictures using a phone camera through the app. The spot meter contains advanced option and you can customize all as you want.

Light Meter Features:

  • It measures light area using a sensor and device camera.
  • You can use the app in all types of cameras because it has versatile options and advanced features.
  • It contains EXIF reader, calculators, gray card and customizable preference.

The Light Meter free app works on all types of cameras and devices with higher accuracy light measurements.

7. Light Meter – EV for Photography

Light Meter EV for Photography app can measures light in the incident, EV and ISO modes. It accurately calculates aperture, shutter speed, EV value and ISO value so you will get a perfect measurement of the lighting area.

7 Light Meter - EV for Photography

You can set the filter up to ND 5.0, so the camera lens and light sensor perfectly calculate the light. Its interface is very compact and you can adjust modes, contrast level and other functions easily.

It is easy to calibrate with the phone and you can see more details in the live mode. To get more accurate results, you can zoom the camera over the app.

Light Meter Features:

  • It shows light measurement in lux and fc unit in 3 different modes.
  • You will get the accurate calibration and EV value on the phone screen.
  • The light camera provides better performance in low light conditions.

The Light Meter EV for Photography ensures accurate light level calculation in three different modes.

8. Light Meter Lux/Fc : Measuring Light Intensity

The Light Meter app can measure the light intensity level in lux and fc unit. It has interacting design and lots of advanced functionalities that ensure accurate light level calculation. You will see the minimum, maximum and average light intensity level.

8 Light Meter LuxFc

It does not require registration to use and calculate light level. It provides excellent performance for plants, photography and low light situation. The algorithm of the app automatically detects the illumination.

It presents light level detail so that you can adjust the room light level to get comfort. Also, it shows the percentage of light intensity and graph charts to understand the overall situation.

Light Meter Features:

  • It provides a clean interface and advanced functionalities to measure light level with higher accuracy.
  • You will get excellent performance at the low light condition and save data to compare other places.
  • It automatically detects light source with the built-in algorithm so you will get the faster calculation.

The Light Meter app ensure accurate and faster light level measurement with advanced facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have answered some frequently asked questions about the light meter.

Is a light meter necessary?

It is an essential tool for photographers, reading books, watching TV and movies comfortably. They also used to adjust the room light because our room temperature depends on the light’s illumination level.

Can I use my phone as a light meter?

Our phone has no default app to measure light but has a camera and light sensor. With light meter apps, you can use your phone as a light meter using the camera and light sensors.

Do you need a light meter for photography?

To take a vibrant photo, you must have an average level of illumination. A light meter can measure the light level in your place so you can snap beautiful and vibrant pictures.

Final Verdict

Accurate and quantifiable light measurements are essential to create desired results in photography and everyday tasks like watching TV and movies. From measuring the amount of light on the work surface, the best light meter apps for android play an important role to ensure efficiency and ease.

The apps provide accurate and similar result like a real light meter. You can customize the app functions to get reliable measurements as you want. Now, install a free light meter app for android from the above list and easily adjust your light level.