The revolution of instant messaging applications is not only based on individual chat. Nowadays, you can find an option to send text and talk in a group with limited members from anywhere. The arrival of a group text and messaging apps have opened a world of possibilities within a single application.

Recall that the boom in chat applications have been around for a long time. For those who remember the old-fashioned Messenger, where you could annoy your friends by sending buzz after buzz, but now a new wave of applications are taking over, making you forget the outdated applications. Here, we will share some of the most used and best group text apps for android.

Is There An App To Send Group Text Messages?

You can find several apps that allow you to do group texting from anywhere. The apps allow us to join in a meeting from home or anywhere with college and other co-workers. Whatsapp, GroupMe, WeChat, Skype and other apps that we discussed below to make a group chat and video call free of cost.

Best group text apps for android

How Do I Send A Group Text On An Android Phone?

Telegram, Voxer Walkie Talkie, GroupMe, WeChat, Hangouts, Skype, Whatsapp and Messenger to send group text from an Android phone. First, open an app from the list and tap the Advanced option from the app setting menu. Then, click on Group Messaging and add members to start a group chat. Very simple!

8 Best Group Text Apps For Android Reviews 2021

Below, we have presented the best group text apps for android that can perfectly chat with friends and families with a group. Let’s discover them.

1. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is an individual and group chat app for the latest generation mobile phones that are used to send text and multimedia messages among friends and families.  With your own phone number, you can use the app freely.

It allows you to share files, photos, and videos instantly with others. Apart from chatting, you can call others for free when they are online. To use the app, you do not require a login option, such as a username and password.

It has a backup system that saves all conversations at a specific time of day, storing them to recover everything in case of error (unless it is manually deleted). So, you can take advantage of this security feature to recover your conversations and chats.

WhatsApp Features:

  1. It offers to communicate with friends or family in groups with several people and talk at the same time.
  2. It has a two-step verification method that extends security and you can disable the system if you dislike it.
  3. You can share images, videos and more with friends individually or in group chat.

Whatsapp Messenger is a totally free instant messaging service with which users can communicate easily, quickly, directly and inexpensively.

2. Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Messenger gives you the possibility to find your contacts through your email and start messaging with them individually or in a group. You can send messages, photos, documents and videos with security.

It allows you to send your exact location through the Messenger inbox using your device GPS. You don’t need to search for old conversations to retrieve group messages, and it gives you the option to access all of them easily.

When you get a message, it will sound and does not matter if your device is in the “screen lock” mode. It has normal and dark mode so you can choose the best suits you. Also, you can make a video call with friends from anywhere.

Messenger Features:

  1. You can easily chat, make calls and video calls in a group or individually without charges.
  2. It can access your camera, so you do not have to wait to take photos or record a video to share with friends.
  3. You can chat with stickers, emoji and gifs to express your thoughts shortly.

Messenger app is used to send messages through a chat and instant messaging service.

3. Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a perfect tool to conduct a live video conference, schedule a Hangout and have a question and answer session with other users in the group. You can schedule your video conference through the app.

You can access your contact list easily to start conversations. It has a message and video call option that allows you to send text, make video calls and share files with contacts.

It allows you to connect with Google Voice to integrate voicemail. It has a high level of security, so your information stored on multiple servers will be secured. You can customize the background of each contact.

Hangouts Features:

  1. You can make a group chat with 150 contacts and video calls with 10 contacts.
  2. It allows to share photos, videos and files with contacts in a group or individual conversation.
  3. You can schedule calls later using google calendar by creating an event.

Hangouts is Google’s video conferencing app that is created to enhance the experience of professional video calls.

4.  Skype – Free Im & Video Calls

Skype is one of the most recognized instant messaging apps for people who have to do remote work and do business meetings. It allows you to record a conversation or make group video calls of up to 25 people.

With a registered Hotmail account, you can easily log in to the app. There is an icon for audio calling or video calling. If you are going to make a meeting by Skype, go to the option “share screen,” and then others will be able to see what you project.

Once you have the group created, you can press the video call button whenever you want to start a group video call. This call will be silent for others so that those who are attentive can join.

Skype Features:

  1. You can easily project an online meeting with spectacular progress, as well as hosting real-time.
  2. It helps to improve your meetings at the highest level by allowing you to share your data like images, videos and files.
  3. You can customize the permissions to access the exhibitors to act as collaborators in the virtual meeting.

In reality, it is a very appropriate platform for doing group chat and calls with lots of functions.

5.  GroupMe

With the GroupMe app, you can chat with any contacts that use the app, adding them by phone number or email address. The app integrates seamlessly with the operating system to make it easy to share photos and reply to messages directly using interactive notifications.

It has exclusive emoticons and we can use the service from any device. After completing the registration, you can start chatting with our friends. You can synchronize the contacts to find friends.

It allows you to do 3 things: group chat, ask a question and send a direct message. It does not offer an encryption system or the security options of the other applications.

GroupMe Features:

  1. It allows users to share videos, images and documents, which can be viewed through a “gallery” mode.
  2. You can make a voice call with all group members and customize those contacts you want to add in the call.
  3. It also allows direct messages to specific users within a group and asks a question.

The app is designed for group chat, send individual messages and call in a group with sharing files.

6. WeChat

WeChat is a popular messaging app that allows you to put touch with friends and families individually and in a group. It can synchronize your phone contacts and add those who have already used the app. Also, you can add more contacts manually and join in a group.

It allows you to send messages, recorded voices up to 50 seconds and make a call. You can set favorite contacts by selecting the “add a star” option. Also, you can share photos, contacts and files with others with privacy.

Its translation features make it popular so you can contact people from other countries easily. You can retrieve the message and it will automatically disappear from the chat history.

WeChat Features:

  1. It allows to share files up to 10mb with others, including image, videos and documents.
  2. You can receive and comment on the photos shared by our contacts, thus creating a timeline of the moments that users share.
  3. Shaking phone shows you the profile of a user who has performed this same function.

It is an instant messaging and social network service with more than 700 million active users worldwide.

7. Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

Voxer allows you to communicate instantly with our friends, families and co-workers in a group or individually. You can create a group or join a group chat to contact with others from anywhere.

It allows you to send photos in real-time with a single button. The receiver can listen to your message when you speak or leave it for later. It works in real-time with just push and talk, just like real walkie-talkies.

It is integrated with Facebook, so communicating with our contacts on this social network will be easier. In each group, you can chat with up to 500 people through the cross-platform app.

Voxer Walkie Features:

  1. It can synchronize with your contacts and you will know who is using the app and add them.
  2. You can create or join in a group chat by clicking on all the contacts and share thoughts, photos and more.
  3. Its gear button allows to configure account, audios and notifications.

The app allows you to talk to your friends at the touch of a button in real-time, like a walkie-talkie.

8. Telegram

Telegram app is an instant messaging service that is used to hold conversations from person to person or in a group. It has no member limitations to add in the contact list and group chat. Its security is very strong, so your chat and conversation details will never be disclosed.

It has cloud-based storage that allows you to send unlimited files with others individually or in a group. You send files of up to 1.5 gigabytes of capacity, enough to send even a movie in high definition.

Its chat system has an optional security layer that cannot be achieved on other platforms with incognito keyboard, protection against screenshots and self-destructing messages.

Telegram Features:

  1. You cannot take a screenshot or record chat history on the app, which ensures a strong privacy.
  2. It allows to be protected with a fingerprint or a PIN so that nobody enters without our permission.
  3. You can schedule that message to be received when the meeting ends.

Telegram is a perfect app for team members to communicate, both through group chat and individual chat.

Final Verdict

These group sms apps for android provide privacy and security of your chats, contacts and shared files. You can send text, make calls and video call free and without any limitation. Some apps have two-step verification, AES encryption, RSA encryption and more security to stay secured.

Here, we have rounded up 8 best group text apps for android. They are free and will help you stay in touch with your friends and family when you are not around them. So, make calls and video calls with HD quality, share photos, links, videos and much more with the group text apps.