We want to have two accounts of the same app installed on your device. A few months ago, it was not possible to clone the phone app. Now, you will find some apps that can clone any application in a simple way. You can clone apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc and almost any game with features PIN protection and block notifications.

You can run multiple accounts of the same application or game with the best clone apps for android. For example, a game in which you can play with different strategies and defeat your opponent. Cloned apps run in a different and unique environment.

Can You Clone An Android Phone?

You can close an android phone using cloning apps. First, download and install a cloning app on the phone you want to clone. Log in to the app on your device and make sure it is connected to the phone. View the Android data that has been cloned.

best clone apps for android

10 Best Clone Apps For Android Reviews 2021

Cloning apps allow you to use multiple accounts of the same app with security. Here, we come with 10 best clone apps for android for those who want to use multiple accounts on the phone without any problems. Let’s dive into it.

1. 2Accounts – Dual Space

2Accounts allows you to duplicate your favorite applications and manage your resource consumption from the internal task manager. You can lock your cloned apps with a password. With the Plus and Minus sign, you can add and remove the app easily.

In the “Secret Zone,” you can have all the apps you want without anyone being able to see them unless they have the password. You will remove all ads from 2Accounts.

It supports 32-bit and 64-bit android phones so you can expand the compatibility of 2Accounts with other duplicable applications. All data are saved separately for quick access.

2Accounts Key Features:

  1. It allows you to clone featured apps and games by switching two accounts on the phone.
  2. You can store all data separately to manage the works and records easily.
  3. Your personal data will be secured and the app cannot clone your default apps.

The apps allow you to clone accounts and manage up to two accounts on a phone.

2. Dual Space – Multiple Accounts & App Cloner

Dual Space app has a private area where you can log in to any account you want to keep secret. At the same time, you can use two accounts online with the dual space option. Also, you can get running stability and speed as a previous condition.

It has a privacy zone that will not leave any trace on your phone. You can hide the private account, so all your data are secured from others. Also, you can switch another account with a single tap.

It allows you to use the same apps at a time at the same speed. Everyone can use the app to clone android apps because of its easy UI. The cloned apps size is smaller than the original one but works the same, so it will not create extra pressure on the phone CPU.

Dual Space Key Features:

  1. Its dual space technology allows you to use two accounts and two same apps at a time.
  2. With the single tap, you can switch to another account and manage all data.
  3. Nobody can access your hidden data that done in the app so you can stay secure.

The app provides personal data protection with quick app cloning.

3. DO Multiple Accounts – Infinite Parallel Clone App

DO Multiple Accounts helps you to have two apps on the same phone with a quick switching feature. It offers security options for your other accounts that make it possible for you to use a password to protect and keep them private.

You can play games and use social apps with 2 accounts at the same time from a device. With a single click, you can switch to another account and it will not leave anything behind so you can stay safe.

The lite mode provides fast and efficient performance. You can control the notification setting of the cloned apps by creating a whitelist. Due to the use of multiple apps, your device will not become slow.

DO Multiple Accounts Key Features:

  1. You can use two accounts at a time while browsing social media or playing online games.
  2. It allows you to protect a cloned account with a password so your data will be protected.
  3. By creating a whitelist, you can control the notifications of the cloned and real app.

The app provides a password-protected security and fast operation.

4. Parallel Space – Multiple Accounts & Two Face

Parallel Space allows you to create clone applications and to be able to use multiple accounts of the same service on the same device. You can hide the cloned app and use multiple accounts in the same app and cloned app at a time.

You can switch to the second account by tapping simply and simulate the accounts online. It protects all personal data of your phone, so nobody interferes here. Also, it has customized themes that allow to design the app interface.

The app can be used in 24 languages and offer incognito installation. You can add extra themes from online in the app to set favorite designs. With a single tap, you can switch the installed themes from the store.

Parallel Space Key Features:

  1. You can run two accounts at the same time and switch the clone app times.
  2. It offers a security lock to secure the cloned app and all data.
  3. The theme store allows to change the app interface according to your moods.

The app allows to clone an app instantly and save all data with security.

5. Dr.Clone: Parallel Accounts, Dual App, 2nd Account

Dr.Clone is an ad-free app that allows you two accounts of a single app and uses both of them at the same time. You can hide the cloned app in a private space. Most of the apps can be cloned with the tool.

You can play online games with two different accounts in a device. You can sign in the clone app with google play store without any problems. For security, you can lock the cloned apps with the security key.

It allows you to install and hide in the incognito so it will be difficult access by the second person. You can personalize notifications from the phone setting menu.

Dr.Clone Key Features:

  1. You can sign in two accounts with google play and use them simultaneously.
  2. It provides the security of the cloned app and data with a password lock.
  3. You can install the app in incognito mode and hide it in a private folder.

The app allows to clone app and use two accounts with google play sign in.

6. Dual Apps

Dual Apps allow you to clone and use more than one account with simultaneous play. It keeps your phone speed smooth after cloning the app. Also, it protects your privacy, data and phone system so nobody will hack your data from the phone.

You can create both accounts online to balance personal and work life. Also, you can switch to another account with a single click. It is the perfect tool for playing games from two different accounts at a time.

It allows you to adjust the notification of the cloned app. You can change the language from the available list. Also, you will check the recent history of the apps use in the dual apps.

Dual Apps Key Features:

  1. It provides privacy without leaving any trace and keeping all data secured.
  2. You can use both accounts at the same time without having any login and lagging issues.
  3. The notifications can be adjusted from the app setting menu to hide everything.

The app allows you to use multiple accounts with strong security.

7. Clonapp – Dual Messenger For Whatsapp Story Saver

ClonApp allows you to clone Whatsapp with all data on your smartphone. You can use the same Whatsapp account in two devices using the cloning method. With three simple steps, you can scan it quickly.

You can start chat anytime with friends, families or replies to the unsaved contacts. In both devices, you will see the same history and records. Also, you can send files, photos, record voice, etc. instantly.

Using the QR code, you can browse it from the computer through the web version. It ensures the same user interface and performance as like as the original. You can watch and save the stories of friends.

ClonApp Key Features:

  1. You can use the same Whatsapp accounts in two devices using its dual whats web tool.
  2. It allows you to chat with everyone, even unsaved contacts directly.
  3. You can see all data, saved story and history as the original account.

The app allows you to use multiple WhatsApp account with high security.

8. Super Clone – App Cloner For Multiple Accounts

Super Clone app allows you to use unlimited multiple accounts for social media platforms, online games and other apps. You can log in to the cloned app with Google play without any restriction. It ensures data protection security so you can stay secure.

You can customize the app icon and size easily to identify. With a single tap, you can switch another account or app quickly. Its privacy locker protects the app, so it will be impossible to steal data from it.

It allows you to adjust notifications of the cloned app. Before using the app, your need to give permission to clone the app. You can hide the cloned apps from others who frequently use your phone.

Super Clone Key Features:

  1. It offers to use unlimited multiple accounts and quick switching options for most popular and useful apps.
  2. You can use an app with two accounts at the same time and get double fun with the experience.
  3. With the privacy locker, you can lock and hide the apps with encrypted codes.

The phone cloning app for android allows you to infinite multiple accounts with high-level security.

9. Multiple Accounts: Parallel App

Multiple Accounts app allows you to create two accounts of the same and use them at a time both online and offline. You can send a different text with different accounts and it will be saved on separate space.

In the cloned app account, all your data will be secured because it ensures the privacy of your phone’s data. You can play a game like pubg, free fire, etc. with 2 accounts using google play login.

While using both apps, your device will not become slow. You will get all features as the original one. Also, you can chat with different friends and share files instantly.

Multiple Accounts Key Features:

  1. You can use multiple accounts and switch one to another with a single tap.
  2. It provides the privacy of your phone data so you can stay protected from vulgar.
  3. Its simple UI allows you to play a game with two accounts at a time without any conflict.

With the app, you can use two accounts of the same app.

10. CLONEit – Batch Copy All Data

CLONEit allows you to transfer 12 types of data to another phone without using USB cable and network. It provides ultra-fast data transfer speed, which is faster than Bluetooth and other file sharing apps.

You can transfer any data without an internet connection. It provides security to your saved and shared files, so you need not to worry about it. With 2 steps, you can share the required files quickly.

It can be used in different languages so that everyone can transfer files. You can customize the notifications from the setting menu.

CLONEit Key Features:

  1. It allows you to clone all types of data from a device to another device quickly.
  2. You can share data without an internet connection and uninstall apps if not necessary.
  3. It can be used with 2 steps replication in your phone.

The app helps to clone data from one phone to another phone offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have answered some frequently asked questions about clone apps.

Is app cloning legal?

The cloning app is only legal if it clones an app by copying the code from the real app. If it copied the code directly from another app, it would be illegal.

Is App cloning safe?

App cloning is 100% safe if it provides security and ensures that it will not track your data using a third-party server. You will find several apps that ensure safety while you are using their app to clone phone apps.

Is cloning a phone illegal?

Phone cloning duplicated the IMEI and IMSI number, which is illegal all around the world. But, cloning some apps of your device is legal if it has done with some precautions that we explain in the No. 1 question.

Is cloning a phone possible?

You can easily clone a phone, copying the phone’s identifying information from the SIM card using specific apps. It makes a backup of the previous phone and turns the phone to a new device.

Can I detect that my phone has been cloned?

By observing the change of behavior of your phone, you can understand that you have been cloned. Then, you should contact the cellular provider with ownership documents and they will block the cloned device.

Final Verdict

With the cloning apps on android, you can clone the same app’s contents and use multiple accounts simultaneously. Your all personal data will be protected, so nobody interferes with your phone. Some offer password protection that provides high-level security.

You can also hide the cloned apps, so if anyone takes your phone, he/she cannot find out the cloned apps. They do not require ROOT and you can even have two different accounts for games and other apps easily.