ASL (American Sign Language) is the way people with hearing and speech impairments communicate with others, whether they have the same condition or not. It is our responsibility to learn what each of their signs means if what we want is to socialize with those people. These best asl apps for android have very good teaching methods for anyone to learn sign languages, from the most basic to the advanced. Let’s dive into it.

How To Learn American Sign Language?

You can easily learn American Sign Language from your smartphone through ASL apps. They have tons of sign words presented in video lessons to understand clearly. Also, the apps teach alphabets (A to Z) and numbers (1 to 100) with sign language methods.

10 Best Asl Apps For Android Reviews 2021

We have highlighted the 10 best ASL apps for android that provide a sign word dictionary, video lessons, and several functions to learn American Sign Language quickly. Let’s have a look below: 


1. ASL American Sign Language

ASL American Sign Language app offers important information about this language in case you participate in a session to learn more. To do this, start by teaching us the alphabet, numbers and common words or phrases like thank you, etc.

1 ASL American Sign Language

Use images or short videos to teach ASL, but also use games that combine the lessons learned. You can create your own virtual classroom to teach ASL others.

It is special for children because it has videos for infants to learn sign language in the best way. Being for kids, there will be no ads of any kind, suggesting that it is very safe because it will not tempt you to go to a site not suitable for them.

ASL American Features:

  • Its interface is user-friendly so that anyone can learn ASL through it without problems.
  • You can learn 100 basic ASL signs from the app’s video and enhance your vocabulary skills.
  • It provides the facts and figures about the ASL with relevant feedback.

The ASL American Sign Language app offers games for kids, so you’ll find some to learn with fun.

2. The ASL App

The ASL App shows two ASL speakers interacting to simulate a real conversation. In each video, you can easily control the video speed and apply slow-motion to read sign languages clearly.

2 The ASL App

You can save specific ASL signs in the favorite section for quick access. It offers several different ASL learning parts for free for everyone. It has more than 1500 ASL signs, words, phrases, and more to quickly learn the sign language.

The handshape exercise helps to improve hand movement while expressing through the sign language. It has several moods, emotions and feeling that makes the ASL language more interesting.

The ASL App Features:

  • It provides lessons on the ABC alphabet and numbers in the ASL method with gestures to review.
  • You can make hand movements perfect using handshape tricks and exercise.
  • It allows you to practice ASL signs, emotions and more with friends online.

The ASL App is perfect for learning the most complex ASL signs easily.

3. ASL Dictionary

The ASL dictionary app is an easy and useful way to learn the American Sign Language. It has a dictionary of sign words that you can find out quickly. When you touch an item, you will see a video of the access in question.

3 ASL Dictionary

Although it does not provide grammar rules or sentence structure, the app ensures an excellent task of being a quick reference. There is also a test mode that tests are based on the videos.

Its interface is very clean, so everyone can quickly learn ASL signs. You can view and practice ASL sign words and videos without the Wi-Fi or internet connection.

ASL Dictionary Features:

  • You can learn several ASL signs and meaningful words with translated idioms on the app.
  • It shows the time, dates, months and years in detail with a slow-motion option.
  • It provides a perfect loop on videos and allows you to control video in the next or previous mode.

The ASL Dictionary app provides more than thousands of signs and several tricks to learn ASL.

4. Sign ASL

Sign ASL app provides over thirty thousand signs to learn American Sign Language with a video dictionary. Its interface and teaching method is very easy so that anyone can learn ASL quickly.

4 Sign ASL

You can search specific lessons, signs and more by word. It briefly discusses the ASL signs to be fluent in sign language. The slow-motion option of the app is impressive so that you can clearly understand the meaning of the signs.

It has an extensive video dictionary that contains all ASL signs. If you have grammatical knowledge, you can quickly learn ASL from the app.

Sign ASL Features:

  • It teaches ASL with an extensive video dictionary and more than thirty thousand sign languages.
  • You can learn quickly from its slow-motion features with better understanding.
  • You can search and find specific signs from the app and practice it regularly.

Sign ASL app offers large signs library to learn ASL quickly.

5. JW Library Sign Language

JW Library Sign Language offers ASL signs, video lessons and organized playing of sign language videos one by one to learn ASL correctly. You can download the sign languages, images and control navigation on the app.

5 JW Library Sign Language

It has New World Translation Books that provide the library page with Bible verses. You can swipe any words from the navigation drawer so that you can return another page resuming the video lesson.

You can download the videos in small, medium and large sizes according to your phone storage. With a dual finger tap, you can pause and play the video. Also, you can show and hide video player controls with a single press.

JW Library Features:

  • It presents several publications and media to learn ASL for children, teenagers and family members.
  • You can download the videos in high and low formats to practice in the future.
  • With a single tap, you can play, pause, show and hide player control.

JW Library Sign Language app offers an extensive sign library with publications and media to learn ASL completely.

6. Iglesia Ni Cristo Sign Language App

Iglesia Ni Cristo Sign Language App provides thousands of sign language vocabulary in video format so you can easily learn ASL. Every sign is categorized so you can find signs easily from the category list. You can learn alphabets, numbers and colors in the ASL method.

6 Iglesia Ni Cristo Sign Language App

It supports voice search and text search so you can find any signs instantly. It has an auto-loop option in video playing and you can control playback speeds as you want.

You can use the app and all features without the internet. It presents signed sentences and words to learn ASL with understanding the meaning. Also, you can send greetings and more wishes through the sing languages.

Iglesia Ni Features:

  • It presents the alphabets, numbers, color, greetings and more in the ASL method.
  • You can search any sign languages by text and voice search from the app.
  • You can learn ASL from videos and control the playback speed as you need.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Sign Language App is ideal for quick ASL learning with basic knowledge.

7. Sign Language: ASL Kids

Sign Language: ASL Kids app provide dedicated methods to learn ASL for kids in a fun way. Without an internet connection, your child can learn ASL signs through the app. It provides quizzes, games and free signs to learn and practice ASL quickly.

7 Sign Language

It has peer role models that help children to learn ASL in the best way. Its interface is intuitive and you can learn without reading. Also, it presents signs easily so your kids can master them with fun.

The video lessons make learning signs easier. You can easily navigate the menu and buttons for quick browsing. Also, you can separate the audio buttons from listening to pronounced words.

Sign Language Features:

  • It provides ASL fingerspelling and a dictionary with video lessons to learn quickly.
  • Its interface is designed for kids and it teaches them all signs visually.
  • The videos can be paused and played with a single tap on the phone screen.

The Sign Language: ASL Kids app is specially designed for kids to learn ASL quickly.

8. Sign Language ASL – Pocket Sign

Sign Language ASL – Pocket Sign app provides thousands of sign words in its dictionary. It has built-in video lessons that are interactive and small-sized so you can learn ASL quickly.

8 Sign Language ASL - Pocket Sign

With the fun questions, you can get knowledge about the ASL signs. It presents the common sign words, greetings and lessons using the sign language alphabet so you can easily understand the meaning.

It provides specific sign languages for children. Its several functions and user-friendly interface make the American Sign Languages easier for everyone.

Sign Language ASL Features:

  • It provides sign alphabets and video lessons to learn ASL sign words and sentences easily.
  • You can learn lessons watching videos, translating and control them with a single tap.
  • The interface of the sign language app makes learning ASL sings easier for both kids and adults.

The Sign Language ASL – Pocket Sign app provides several ways to learn ASL signs with fun.

9. ASL Fingerspelling

With the ASL Fingerspelling app, you can master letters and numbers quickly. It ensures the basic text with Kathy and checks the realistic word speed of users. You can maximize ASL sign knowledge with less effort.

9 ASL Fingerspelling

It deepens your skills in sign languages after completing the basics. You can learn efficiently thousands of ASL signs within a short time using the Fingerspelling method.

The UI of the app is stable and efficient for all users. The video lessons in the installed packages section help to learn characters and numbers easily.

ASL Fingerspelling Features:

  • You can quickly master ASL sings from its test and Fingerspelling method.
  • It improves your skills by providing expert tricks and efficient transformation.
  • You can use it without Wi-Fi or the internet, so use wasted time to learn ASL.

The ASL Fingerspelling is an advanced app that skilled up your ASL knowledge by taking tests.

10. Mimix3D Sign Language

Mimix3D Sign Language app teaches American Sign Language with real-time translation, communication and hard listening community support. It has SEE based interpretation to do regular communication.

10 Mimix3D Sign Language

It provides two-way communication that allows you to speak and write sign language effectively. You can learn more than seven thousand sign languages on the app with video lessons. The video playback speed can be controlled easily.

It supports text to speech and provides real-time translation with higher accuracy. The interface and design of the app are minimalistic and has lots of new functions to learn ASL.

Mimix3D Sign Features:

  • You can speak and write American Sign Language with two-way communication.
  • It provides a dictionary with over seven thousand sign words with video lessons.
  • The SEE based interpreter helps to make regular communication using ASL.

Mimix3D Sign Language app provides real-time translation, sign word dictionary and more to learn ASL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I have answered some frequently asked questions about ASL apps.

Is the ASL app free?

Most of the popular ASL apps are free. You can get basic knowledge about sign languages. Some apps charges for advanced level learning with expert support.

Can I learn ASL online?

Some android apps offer online ASL training for free. You can find more websites and options to learn ASL online but always choose the best one that provides better teaching.

Can I learn ASL on my own?

With the ASL apps, you can learn ASL from basic to advances without any expert’s help. Also, you can use these apps in leisure time in anywhere.

How long does it take to learn ASL fluently?

It depends on your knowledge, power and skills. Usually, the basic level needs 2-3 weeks and an advanced level needs up to 3 years to be fluent in ASL.

Final Thought

If you have a deaf or hard of hearing family member or friend, learning a few words in sign language can help. You know that learning any new language, including ASL, is not easy, but these American Sign Language apps for android can help you lead a successful journey.

They teach you the alphabet (A-Z) and numbers (1-100) in the ASL method. You will learn the basics from these apps and, if possible, practice the American Sign Language with the fluent and native person through these apps.