If you see barcodes everywhere you go and don’t know how to scan them, then you have come to the right place. Barcodes have been with us for many years with several products and even though mobile is the main device to scan them. There is no official way to easily scan the codes natively. Now, there are ways to read barcodes with apps that you may already have installed. In this article, we will present the best barcode apps for android that you can use as a barcode or QR code reader.

Why Use A Barcode Scanner App?

Barcode apps allow users to scan the code and show the product information. The data can help the customer to make a quick decision. Some barcodes redirect to the product webpage that allows you to know more about the product. So, you don’t need to ask shopkeepers about the product details. Also, it helps to generally record data five to seven times faster than an experienced typist.

Barcode apps for android

How Do Barcode Apps Work?

A barcode app works like a standard camera that reads the codes from the label. It scans the barcode through a phone camera sensor and reads the data twice or more. Then, it shows the result on the phone screen. In the night area, it uses the camera flashlight to extract data from the QR code.

10 Barcode Apps For Android Reviews 2021

Here are the best barcode apps for android and we explain what each app does so that you can download them without problems. Let’s dive into it.

1. QR & Barcode Scanner

QR & Barcode Scanner APP can instantly scan all types of barcodes like URL, contact, location, email, etc. It is simple to use and the best of all is that it does not have any type of advertising.

According to what we have been able to analyze, this reader has not had any type of problem. Therefore, you will not face any difficulties when scanning codes with your phone’s camera.

It allows you to check the previous records in the History menu. After scanning, it makes a beep sound so you can understand that scanning is completed. Also, it provides an inverted scan for black background codes.

QR & Barcode Features:

  1. It has an automatic decoding option to provide an appropriate scan for all types of barcodes.
  2. You can create QR code and share your contacts, locations, details, etc. via code.
  3. You can zoom the camera and take photos without tapping to scan barcodes.

The app is the fast and accurate barcode reader for android that provides an instant report with accuracy.

2. QR & Barcode Reader

QR & Barcode Reader allows you to use the mobile’s flashlight in case there is not enough light to scan the code in question. Its operation is very simple, you have to point the camera at the code and it will do the rest of the work.

It allows you to develop a QR code with your personal details and share it to others where needed. To scan, you do not require any permission because it ensures protection from malicious links and other hacking elements.

It can read all types of barcodes and provide an accurate result. In the history section, you can check all previous scan records. Also, it can scan codes from phone images using a camera.

QR & Barcode Features:

  1. You can save the records in CSV format and import it in a safe place like google drive or cloud storage.
  2. It can scan two-dimensional codes and all types of QR codes with a perfect result.
  3. It allows to use the phone camera flashlight to scan a barcode in low light areas or nighttime.

The app is the secured barcodes scanner app that provides all formats code scan and 100% exact result.

3. Barcode Scanner Pro

Barcode Scanner Pro app can scan 1D products, data matrix and Aztec with its superb decoding feature. It provides fast and accurate barcode scanning results for all types of codes.

After scanning, you can see the details in the browser and share it with email or SMS. Also, you can develop a personalized barcode and share it with those who required it. All records are saved in history and save it on drive or cloud storage.

You can use photos, QR labels or barcodes related to your items. It allows you to use the flashlight to scan code in the dark area. Also, it provides results based on the Zxing open-source code scanner.

Barcode Features:

  1. It has a simple interface with no frills and allows you to scan all barcode formats.
  2. You can decode text, URL, email, contacts and much more with a single click.
  3. It offers a very rapid acquisition by recognizing the information contained in the code.

With the Barcode Scanner Pro app, you can scan, decode, create and share a barcode anytime, anywhere.

4. Qr Code Reader

QR code reader app allows you to decode and encode all types of barcodes quickly with 100% accurate results. You can encrypt your personal data and hide email, location and others in codes. Also, you can check the reality and details of a product by scanning the barcode.

You can save, decode and encode records in history and transfer it to another secured place. Its use is very simple: point the camera on the barcode and get instant results.

It works fine in low light conditions and reads the barcode without any problems. Also, you can scan traditional and two-dimensional barcodes with the app. You are not required to align the camera straight to scan.

QR code Features:

  1. It can detect all types of barcodes automatically and provide instant results.
  2. You can encode a barcode within a few seconds and share it to others who need it.
  3. You do not require permission to generate and share location, SMS, contact etc.

QR code reader is the fastest barcode decoding and encoding app with versatile use.

5. Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner app allows you to scan website URLs, texts, events and other information using the phone camera. You can make and customize barcodes to share with others. Its viewfinder color allows you to recognize the barcode with full opacity.

You can use flashlights to scan the barcode at night and dark areas. Its detailed hints help to align the barcode and phone position. Also, you can save the scan reports and transfer the full records in CSV format with a single click.

You can fix orientation and sync the cloud to save scan reports automatically. Its cloud storage is free for a lifetime, so you can scan millions of barcodes without any hesitation.

Barcode Features:

  1. It has a synchronized cloud storage system that is free for unlimited scan and you can transfer if need.
  2. You will get a detailed result and check it in the History menu later.
  3. It allows to create a barcode and send it to friends or others who needed the code.

It is a powerful barcode reader for android that can decode all types of barcode at day and night.

6. FREE QR Scanner: QR Scanner & Reader Pro

FREE QR Barcode Scanner can scan 1D and 2D type codes with all types of barcodes instantly. You can use the flashlight to scan barcodes at night and dark areas.

It allows you to generate new and customized barcodes for your personal use. The code can be read by all barcode scanners because its code style is very simple. In the history menu, you will get all previous records.

You can rename the history file and transfer it to another place like google drive or cloud storage. Its zoom option allows you to scan small-sized barcodes from a distance.

FREE QR Scanner Features:

  1. Using flashlight or not, you can scan 1D, 2D and all format barcodes instantly.
  2. You can check all records in history and edit the history name as you want.
  3. It allows to scan small barcodes from a long distance with a zoom option.

The app allows to scan all types of barcodes at any condition with a quick report.

7. QRbot: QR & barcode reader

QRbot has two basic functions. With the first one, you will be able to read barcodes and QR codes through your Android camera. In addition, it has a flash tool to lighten the environment when there is not too much light and you can even scan codes that you have photographed previously.

Once scanned, you will be able to share this code, view product information and search for it on the internet and in various stores.

You can use this tool to create shortcuts to specific information or share it easily. If you touch on the ‘Create’ section, you can make direct access codes.

QRbot Features:

  1. Everything we scan will be saved in history that we can consult at any time.
  2. With phone flashlight, you can scan barcodes at low light and dark conditions.
  3. You can export the history file in CSV format and save it to cloud-based storage.

The app works as a code reader that shows all information from the barcode.

8. Barcode Scanner for Amazon

Barcode Scanner for Amazon is an amazing app to verify original Amazon products, although it is not developed by Amazon. It saves your time and shows discount offers on your selected Amazon products.

It shows the ratings and reviews about the products that help to understand the product quality. Also, you can search those products that have no barcodes from the app.

You can find out the previous records in the history option. It ensures fast and accurate product information by scanning the barcode. Also, it helps to compare prices among several products.

Barcode Scanner Features:

  1. It allows to scan Amazon products within seconds and provide accurate product details.
  2. You can compare prices, know discounts and latest deals with the barcode app.
  3. It suggests relevant products from search option to compare product quality according to ratings.

The app allows to save money and quick access while scanning barcodes for Amazon products.

9. Compare Prices On Amazon & eBay – Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner app allows you to compare product prices on eBay and Amazon to get e better idea about products. Also, it provides ratings, customer reviews and product details. Its easy user interface can scan any items from Amazon and eBay quickly.

You can know the latest deals, available discounts and updates from the app. It suggests the best price of a product from several companies. Also, it helps to justify product quality by checking the reviews.

It allows you to search for products by keywords. It only presents the detailed reviews that help to select the correct product. The price comparison tool provides a clear difference to save money and time.

Compare Prices Features:

  1. It provides a clear cut price comparison to select a better product at a low price.
  2. You can choose the best products by reading the review that the app shows.
  3. Find the best deals, discount offers and honest ratings from value-added customers.

The app provides eBay and Amazon product details with accurate barcode scanning.

10. ShopSavvy – Barcode Scanner & Price Comparison

ShopSavvy is a powerful price comparison app that allows you to scan barcodes to find sales and reviews in the store. You can find items by typing them on your phone’s keyboard or by using the camera to scan the barcode.

Once you have found a product, it tells you the cheapest local or online price. In addition to finding the best price on items, you can compare user reviews, add it to your wish list to let you know when it falls below.

It allows you to keep a history of the items you scanned. You can share offers with friends by saving the file in CSV format.

ShopSavvy Features:

  1. It shows the price comparison of the same products from the different stores after scanning a single item.
  2. You will get the best deals, discounts, reviews and ratings to choose the right product.
  3. It allows to locate nearby shops that have the product in stock.

It is a free barcode scanner for android phone, very fast and very easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have answered some frequently asked questions about barcode apps.

Can you scan a QR Code without an app?

Google screen search allows to scan the barcode without using the app. But, the app works faster than the screen search method. The screen search system requires an internet connection.

Can I scan barcodes with my Android?

Using free and paid apps, you can scan all types of barcodes with Android. Some android devices have built-in barcode scanning app that can scan barcode correctly.

Do Android phones have QR scanners?

The latest Android phones have a QR scanner that works through Google Lens. They have Android 9 and Android 10 operating system, so you will get a QR scanner in Camera function.

Final Thought

Without a doubt, a Barcode app is vitally important for reading and acquiring the information that the code contains. That is why a barcode app will help us scan the different QR codes that are presented to us. Do not stay behind and get some of these best barcode apps for android that will be very useful in your daily life.

You can scan any type of code, such as 1D and 2D barcodes, QR codes, text, URLs, products, emails, calendars, contacts, Wi-Fi and many more with these apps. So, download an app from the above list that best suits your needs.