When we talk about creating animations, we think of drawings and creations, whether in 2D or 3D. Sometimes, we want to show these illustrations and creations to the world and with a simple photo of the final result, it is not enough for us. We bring the best animation making apps for android that allows you to create animations easily and for free. Also, there is something for everyone, from professional applications and websites to others with a basic and simple interface.

Can I Animate On My Phone?

Without proper tools, it is tough to do animations on the phone. You can change effects, write something, add stickers and draw with fingers in the phone’s default editor. By installing animation making apps, you can easily and quickly make animations like a professional. You will find lots of free animation app for android and FlipaClip, PicsArt Animator, Prisma3D, etc., which will help you to make an animation on your phone.

Animation making app for android

10 Animation Making App For Android Reviews 2021

Below, we have presented 10 best animation making apps for android that allows you to make perfect animation within a short time using professional tools. Let’s have a look.

1. Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D offers a large number of characters and sets to tell the stories. Also, it has an editor to draw our own characters or customize existing ones. You can add soundtracks from its library that has dozens of songs.

It allows you to export our stories into videos so that we can have them in the gallery and share them with our friends and family. You can choose characters and scenes already available in the application or create according to your choice.

You can customize characters and be inspired by a creative laboratory where starting with examples of stories. It is a way to feed children’s skills towards tomorrow’s creative works.

Toontastic Features:

  1. It has several characters, cartoons, animated robots, etc. that can be customized with a 3D drawing tool.
  2. You can add songs and convert animation to video by exporting in photos library to share with friends.
  3. Its 3 story arcs allows to make digital storytelling animations.

Toontastic is ideal for those who want to develop narrative projects with children.

2. Flipaclip: Cartoon Animation

FlipaClip has the objective of helping the user to create animations in two dimensions comfortably and without much difficulty. It has several options for designing the animation, such as different types of pencils and a wide selection of shades to use.

It allows you to fill fragments of a drawing with color so that this is the background while working on the other figures to make the movements of the animation. Also, it offers the possibility of using three layers for free.

It allows you to include audio files throughout the animation. Its large number of drawing tools make it easier for you to create everything you want.

FlipaClip Features:

  1. It has a wide range of free drawing tools like brushes, erasers, lasso, fill, text input, and ruler shapes.
  2. You can create videos using your sketches and imaginations that highlight mistakes to give you detailed learning.
  3. You can also add some dialogue to your created animations using your voice recordings.

The app offers intuitive tools and is the perfect platform for your creative ideas.

3. GIFMob – Stop Motion to GIF, MP4 Animation

GIFMob is a perfect application that allows you to stop motion to GIF, MP4 and save and share them with your friends and family. You can create an animated GIF with unlimited pictures from your phone.

It allows you to make animations using a camera or choosing pictures and saving as an animated GIF. The superposition model of the camera provides dynamic performance while making animations.

Its stop skin mode overlaid the picture with Onion skin effect. Everyone can use the app and make animation without previous experience. You can get all videos in MP4 format so they can be played on all devices.

GIFMob Features:

  1. You can create animation from saved photos and using a camera with unlimited pictures.
  2. The stop animation can be previewed live to check the quality and automatically saved in the gallery.
  3. All videos are saved in MP4 format to play them on all devices without any problems.

GIFMob allows to prepare live animation and movies with a camera and pictures.

4. Movepic – Photo Motion & Loop Photo Alight Maker

Movenpick allows you to turn your favorite photograph into an incredible animated gif to share with all your friends. It offers you a series of animations that consist of movement effects through the selection of some objects in your image to make it fly, jump, move or explode!

It lets you add moving text with zoom, zoom, skip, and roll transitions throughout the image. It also has various fun filters to create amazing effects. With the filters, you can create an impressive gif or video that you can show off on all your social networks.

You can adjust the speed animation and drawing path quickly. You can also edit still and moving photos without losing resolution. Its double exposure allows you to blend and overlap several photos.

Movepic Features:

  1. You can make animations by adding motion to pictures with overlays and FX effects.
  2. It allows to edit moving and still pictures with the live photo animator.
  3. You can make short videos with professional tools and share them in social media.

The photo animator app allows to create animation with lots of amazing effects and professional tools.

5. Animation Amino For Map

Animation Amino app allows you to make animation and discover it on the map. You can meet fellow fans from all around the world to know more about animation. It will enable you to fluent your fandom with creative works.

You can share your customized animation in the community and social networks. It offers the latest news and meets the collaborators to improve your animation making ideas. You can vote for the animation projects that you like most.

It is an encyclopedia for animation lovers and makers. The map helps to find out the nearby animation makers and you can chat with them.

Animation Amino Features:

  1. You can make animations and share it to the community and friends to get more followers.
  2. It offers all the latest updates and news to improve your skills in making animations.
  3. You can chat with other animators and collaborate with them.

The anime maker app for android allows to make conversation with expert animators and get ideas from them.

6. PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

PicsArt has a large number of tools that allow you to create original and fun images. You can select one of the backgrounds from the default library to start editing animation. Also, you can animate photos directly using the camera easily.

It allows you to personalize movements of the objects and animated stickers. You can try multiple layers to improve your animation quality. With the drawing tools, you can add more to the picture.

Its customizable FX provides users different control over the photo editing process. Zoom levels and brush size can be adjusted when trimming or painting. You can participate in daily contests and challenges to hone your application editing skills.

PicsArt Animator Features:

  1. You can edit your photos by cutting, cloning elements, adding text and even perfecting animation details with the beauty function.
  2. Add thousands of stickers, or create them yourself to share them with your friends and the community.
  3. It offers a complete gallery with a large number of filters that you can apply to your photos.

It has an innovative interaction that allows showing the animation done with everyone.

7. Animate Free!

The animated, free app allows you to make animation using 32 keyframes on each clip and up to 20 files. You can edit the animation movement and scene with the editing path tool. Also, you can up to 4 clips in a scene.

You can add skins to the characters and props according to your taste. It allows you to adjust the speed of animation playback without any frame drop. In addition, you can create buildings and edit the cubes to make animation more attractive.

It allows you to sketch animation and provide a quick pose using finger touch. After creating animation, you can share it with friends on social media.

Animate Features:

  1. You can create animation with up to 20 clips and edit them with up to 32 frames that ensure an innovative animation.
  2. It allows to copy the character poses, set the mirror and reset according to your choice.
  3. You can select character, props and add skins to improve the quality.

Enjoy posed and sketched animation with the Animate free app within a short time.

8. Roughanimator – Animation App

RoughAnimator is an animation app that allows you to draw things and then play them back to create animations. You can select the brush size, color and type and start drawing. You’ll see an outline of their previous drawing so you can add new parts.

You can add audio into the animation to play with sound. It allows you to prepare video animations with fun and interest. There is a function to control the playback speed and a series of simple tools. You can save your animation and share on social media platforms.

You can draw each frame and then combine the frames to create an animation. Also, you can paint them with an unlimited number of layers.

RoughAnimator Features:

  1. It has unlimited layers and drawing tools that help to make animation quickly.
  2. You can add audio and video for lip-syncing and rotoscoping.
  3. It allows to adjust the resolution and framerate of the animation.

RoughAnimator is a hand draw app that allows to make an animation with unlimited tools.

9. Animatic By Inkboard

Animatic by Inkboard app is a flipbook type animation maker. With finger touch and color pencil, you can make beautiful animation within minutes. You can make animation using the frame by frame editing tool.

After preparing animation, you can export it to use in other places. Also, you can make GIFs and videos with the animator. It has lots of color pencils that allow you to make a colorful picture.

In the My Animation section, you will see the previous records individually. You can control the zoom and material while drawing different types of objects. Its user interface is very compact and provides stabilized images.

Animatic Features:

  1. With frame to frame editor, you can make amazing and colorful animation.
  2. You can adjust zooming and material to draw objects freely.
  3. You can export the animation in GIF and video format.

The app allows to make colorful animation GIF and videos within a short time.

10. Prisma3D – 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering

Prisma3D is an amazing 3D app that allows you to make Animation, Models and Render pictures. Due to its 3D tools, you can easily make a sphere, cube, light, etc. You can edit multiple objects while working.

You can beautify the animations by applying texture and objects. It allows you to change objects color with the color picker tool. Altogether you can import up to 50 3D files to make a big animation.

The animation can be saved in obj and mp4 modes. You can set the resolution with smooth interpolation and perfect transformation. Also, you can navigate the 3D pictures with a multi-touch viewport.

Prisma3D Features:

  1. You can select multiple objects and points to customize and prepare an animation.
  2. It provides several 3D tools that help to make an animation with custom resolution and different colors.
  3. You can make 3D logos, animations, GIFs, videos and objects with the 3D animator.

The app allows to make colorful and 3D animation with 3D kit tools.

Final Verdict

Making an animation with the apps becomes easier on the smartphone. You can add multiple photos, different effects, frames and sounds to make it perfect. Now, it is legal to use and share everywhere. You can use the animation in funny memes, doodles and more to have fun with others.

Within a short time, you can prepare an animation with these animation making apps for android. So, download and install an anime maker app for android from our top 10 listings that have professional tools to create perfect animations and cartoons on your android smartphone.